Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 29, 1951
NUMBER 46, PAGE 14-15a


A. L. Harbin, 173 De Witt Ave., Napa, Calif., March 16: "A man and his wife were baptized during a short meeting in which I assisted the church at Boonville, Calif., last week. Brother W. Clyde Poplin, their beloved minister, preached here in Napa the Sunday I was away."


Forrest D. Moyer, Post, Texas, March 14: "I preached in a meeting in Petersburg, Texas, March 4 through March 11. A. C. McElroy, the local preacher, directed singing. Ernest West of Tahoka will preach in a meeting here March 23 through April 1."


Clifton Trimble, 4636 Hazel, Chicago 40, March 12: "Two ladies and one gentleman were recently baptized into Christ at the Downtown church. A man and his wife have recently been restored to the faith. Recently one Lord's day contribution established a new record here according to the belief of the brethren. We are enjoying our new work and look forward to the future with anticipation. Send me the names and addresses of friends, relatives, or erring Christians that you know who are in Chicago. 'When in Chicago, worship with us."


W. Earl Mansur, Aurora, Mo., March 12: "Since moving to Aurora the attendance, interest and contribution have done well considering the seasonal weather. We have had no additions. C. K. Wallace is to be with us in a meeting June 3."

Hoyt Bailey, 517 W. State, Enid, Okla.: "Forty-six responded here in regular work during my first nine months with the congregation. Several thousand dollars were raised toward our new building, and the building was begun on January 1. We hope it will be ready for use within another three months."

C. D. Crouch, Trumann, Ark., March 19: "The church continues to make progress here. All meetings are well attended. Our building is two years old and the young people's class is very crowded for room now. I have time for another meeting in the summer."


Curtis Camp, Box 262, Tulia, Texas, March 15: "Preston Cotham of Childress, Texas, preached in our meeting which closed last night. Fifteen were baptized and four were restored. This makes a total of thirty-one additions to this congregation this year."


Murray Marshall, Box 83, Melrose, N. M., March 15: "April 1 will find us located at Frederick, Okla., working with 15th and Balsom congregation there. We close 23 months work here at Melrose this month. This change is of our own accord. Work in Melrose is in good shape. Recently we had 73 present on Wednesday night. Membership about 120-140. Attendance running about 160-200 on Sunday mornings (at worship), 90-110 on Sunday nights, 50-70 on Wednesday nights, and 15-20 at ladies Bible class. We look forward to our new work with the South Side church in Frederick. Our new address there will be 309 South 15th St. Let us hear from you there after April 1."


M. Roy Stevens, 1208 - 9th St., Orange, Texas, March 12: "Our new work here in Orange gets off to a fine beginning. Since coming here about December 1, there has been some ten or twelve additions, four by baptism. The brethren here have a very comfortable new building and a mind to work. We have just committed ourselves to help with the Lord's work in New Iberia, La. Those of us who live near southern Louisiana are convinced that there is yet much to be done in our own country. When passing through Orange we welcome all to visit with us. The building is one block north of highway 90 on 9th St. We are to have brother B. L. Douthitt in a meeting beginning April 1 through 11."


Hugh Ousley, Box 281, Dexter N. M., March 12: "I have been located with the Dexter Church of Christ since last September. We have raised something over $3,000 which is to be applied on a new church building. We have purchased 300 opera chairs to go into the new building. We have put 152 in the old building we are now using. There were two baptisms, one restoration and one identified in February. Crowds, contribution, and interest are on the increase. Brother A. G. Hobbs, Jr., is to do the preaching in our spring meeting."


WILSON-KING DEBATE Voyd N. Ballard, San Pablo, Calif.

From March 5 through March 8, brother Peter J. Wilson, minister of the church in San Rafael, Calif., was engaged in public debate with Chester King of Orange Cove, Calif.

The debate was conducted in Craton, Calif., in the building owned by our brethren there. I moderated for brother Wilson and Homer L King, editor of Old Paths Advocate of Lebanon, Mo., moderated for Chester. The first two nights of the debate King affirmed that only one drinking vessel can be used in distributing the fruit of the vine in the Lord's Supper. The last two nights brother Wilson affirmed on the subject of classes and women teachers in the teaching program of the church.

This was Peter J. Wilson's first debate but he did a splendid job. He made outstanding arguments and pressed them. Many of his arguments and questions were completely let alone by King. I have heard a number of debates and have engaged in quite a few, and I hesitate not to say that I was completely satisfied with the work that brother Wilson did in this one.


HOLT-KIRKLAND DEBATE Robert A. Waller, Henderson, Texas From March 5 through 10 brother Charles A. Holt, Jr. of Mount Pleasant, Texas, and Mr. A. J. Kirkland, Baptist, of Henderson, Texas, met in a discussion in the Calvary Baptist church building in Henderson. Mr. Kirkland is president of the Texas Baptist Institute and the Calvary Baptist church building is the home of that Institute.

There were three subjects discussed: The Establishment of the Church, The Plan of Salvation, and Apostasy. Each speaker affirmed one proposition on each subject, therefore, two nights were given to each subject. The building was filled and people stood in the aisles and outside each night. Good order prevailed throughout the debate and the courtesies extended by the Baptists are sincerely appreciated. Brother James W. Adams of Longview moderated for brother Holt, and Mr. Vernon L. Barr of Dallas and Mr. Albert Garner of Henderson moderated for Mr. Kirkland.

Mr. Kirkland stated that he was not very interested in a discussion of the Establishment of the Church as it made little difference to him when it started, therefore, he was not affected so much by brother Holt's arguments on that subject. But in the discussion of the last two subjects he was visibly affected and resorted more and more to perversion, ridicule and a dodging of the issue. Brother Holt proved himself to be a very capable debater and impressed the audience in general and many Baptists with his ability to both present what the New Testament teaches and expose Baptist doctrine.


Indianapolis Lectureship

"According to the Pattern" is the theme of the annual Irvington Lectureship Program to be conducted April 2 through April 6, 1951, by the Irvington Church of Christ, 25 North Layman Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.

This lectureship program has in the past proved to be an inspiration to all who have attended it. Again, the invitation is extended to brethren everywhere to be present for the various services in the lectureship.

Members of the church in Indianapolis will open their homes for all out-of-town visitors. An evening forum will be conducted from 7:00 to 7:30 for a discussion of the work of the Lord in this area.

The program follows:

According to the Pattern April 2-6, 1951 MONDAY 2:30 P. M. — Paul Gaylan, Indianapolis, Ind.

"Climbing Heavenward"

7:45 P. M. — Fred Walker, Arlington, Va.

"Living According to the Pattern"

TUESDAY 2:30 P. M. Donald E. Taylor, Martinsville, Ind.

"Lest Satan Should Get An Advantage"

7:45 P. M. — J. D. Bales, Searcy, Ark.

"Working According to the Pattern"

WEDNESDAY 2:30 P. M. — Wendell Bloomingburg, Lafayette, Ind.

"The Supremacy of the Gospel"

7:45 P. M. — John T. Lewis, Birmingham, Ala.

"Worshipping According to the Pattern"

THURSDAY 2:30 P. M. — Tom Harris, South Bend, Ind.

"God's One World"

7:45 P. M. — Otis Gatewood, Frankfurt, Germany

"The Work In Germany"

FRIDAY 2:30 P. M. — R. E. Peden, Vincennes, Indiana.

"What Do We More Than Others ?"

7:45 P. M. — Leslie Diestelkamp, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Preaching According to The Pattern."