Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 22, 1951

Speaking Of Threats

A. H. Porterfield, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

The floating position of some of the brethren on the late missionary movement is both amusing and confusing. First, it "is," then it "isn't." All this reminds one of a spoiled boy trying to evade a good thrashing. My father used to tell me when I acted that way that I was having some severe pains—mostly in the conscience, but I usually wound up with a few stings in the seat of the pants for telling the story two ways.

Then, when this whole thing explodes in their faces they start threatening somebody with a church trial! That sounds like a new freakish way of trying to scare somebody into the "shut-up" habit. You mustn't be naughty boys, now—go on and wash your face and hands, brush your teeth and be quiet—the doctor is coming. Why am I saying all those things? Simply to remind us of our childish ways in dealing with such serious matters.

Perhaps we could best settle this thing by bringing Christ and His apostles down here, if they'll come, and try to streamline them to fit this program, and if they refuse to "stream-the-line," then maybe some doctor can have them brought before a "board of elders" and give them a church trial for reproving and rebuking the people for their sins. And, whatever the decision, it should be recorded so as to be changed anytime the doctors see fit. How fantastic! How extremely silly! Yet, logic? Oh, well, what do I know about logic? What do I care? The truth is what I want. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free," logic or no logic. I sometimes wish that those of us who are trying to be saved had never heard of a logician; we would be far less confused.