Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 1, 1951

Brother Cope Proposes New Paper

James R. Cope, Tampa, Florida

Dear friend and brother:

For some time a few of us who work together here in Tampa have felt the need for a paper which devoted itself primarily to the liberalism, modernism, and infidelity taking root in too many places. In our own small sphere we have been doing what we could to combat it. Now that the brotherhood is being bombarded with wholesale propaganda which, if allowed to go unchecked can overthrow the faith of thousands, we believe that the time is ripe for launching a paper designed primarily to deal with the evils of infidelity. We believe that a paper devoted to an exposition of the foundations of the Christian faith together with sound teaching as to what can and cannot be built upon these foundations will fill a definite need in the church. Though duty demands that we expose and condemn error regardless of its source, we intend for this paper to feature the positive bases of the Christian faith.

We are not necessarily asking for a job and we realize such an undertaking is in many respects a thankless task. We have no money to put into the project but we do have willing hearts to do anything we can to help brethren at large see the dangers we are facing, warn against them, and present material they can use to gird themselves with truth and meet the attacks of the enemy.

In the persons of Pat Hardeman, Eugene Clevenger, Clinton D. Hamilton, and Bill J. Humble with what little I may be able to contribute I believe we have a group of young men who can do the job as it should be done. By naming these brethren we do not mean to say there would not be other writers; however, they will carry the greater part of the load. Their writings which you have probably been reading in various papers speak more than I can tell you of their qualifications and ability. If brethren will support the effort, these men have pledged themselves to give their very best to a paper devoted to the matters referred to above. The name of the proposed publication is Reason and Revelation.

The problem before us is whether or not to start such a paper. We are not in position to do anything concrete about it until we know the attitude of loyal brethren toward our proposal. Out of this consideration I am writing you. I believe you love the truth and will be willing to do what you can since you are aware of the dangers confronting the church in numerous localities.

If we could start a 16-page paper to be published every three weeks (17 issues a year) will you subscribe at the rate of $2 per year yourself and will you pledge yourself either to secure or underwrite five other subscriptions at the same rate? In addition, will you send us a list of twenty-five other names who may be good prospective paying subscribers? Your willingness to help in this matter can easily determine such a paper's becoming a reality.

This may sound like a strange way to start a new paper. I freely admit it is rather unusual, but if and when it is begun we do not want to be a fly-by-night publication. So the question is: Do you want such a publication enough to get it before brethren if we will do the actual work to make it possible?

Send no money now. If the response is great enough to insure adequate subscriptions to make the paper pay for itself we will notify you when to send your own subscription and the subscriptions of five others.

Will you drop us a card and indicate your disposition in this matter? If you and others like you will promise us the subscribers, with the Lord's help we will do the work. What say ye?

Cordially and faithfully yours, JAMES R. COPE Temple Terrace Station Tampa 4, Florida