Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 25, 1951

A Wrong Made Right

Roy E. Cogdill

Some months ago as publisher of this paper I inserted a statement from the elders of the Central Church in Pampa, Texas, announcing a withdrawal of fellowship from brother J. E. Williams. I felt then, as did others that it was a sad affair and hoped that it would be corrected. When I was in a meeting at Pampa brother Williams talked to me about the matter and I advised and persuaded then that he would correct the matter and free himself from reproach concerning it. I am glad in this connection to publish a copy of brother Williams' letter to the elders of the Central Church which will speak for itself. I honor and respect him for the courage to make the whole thing right. I believe God will bless him for it.

December 29, 1950 To The Elders Central Church of Christ, 500 N. Somerville, Pampa, Texas Brethren:

I paid the $152.00 account charged to me by Marshall Brooks. I have done this for righteousness sake and because it was your decision that I should pay it.

I further acknowledge my faults and sins, and ask forgiveness for them, that I may be cleansed for a better Christian life.

Respectfully submitted, J. E. Williams