Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 30, 1950
NUMBER 30, PAGE 14-16


W. E. Brightwell

W. C. Anderson, Christopher, Ill., November 17: "After three years and three months of pleasant work with the church here, I shall move to Rosiclare, Ill. The move will be made about January 1. I have promised the Christopher Church to help find a preacher. They will furnish a house and give a reasonable salary. Hobby riders need not apply. If you are interested, write at once."


Max L. Johnson, 410 S. College, Tahlequah, Okla., November 20: "There has been seven baptisms here since the first of September. At the present time, we are in the midst of planning our work for next year."


Rufus R. Clifford, Old Hickory, Tenn., November 18: "One baptized and two restored last Sunday. We had 400 in the Sunday evening Bible school, and 427 attended the midweek Bible school Wednesday night. One was restored at the midweek service."


Garnie Atkisson, Lovington, N. M., November 20: "In the past three weeks, three have been baptized, three have been restored, and three have placed membership."


Kenneth H. Shehi, 1312, E. Edison Ave., Sunnyside, Wash., November 18: "The work in Sunnyside is encouraging. Since October 15 there has been twelve responses. Six of this number were baptized. Our fall meeting begins November 26, to continue through December 9. James L. Standridge of Richland has been selected to preach. More power to the Guardian."



Inasmuch as appeals have gone out for help from a group meeting here in Caldwell, and leaving the impression that this is a needy field, we take this opportunity of informing the brotherhood that there is a well-established congregation here, able to carry on its own work. In fact, we have been blessed to the point of being able to assist other congregations in the work.

It is our further conviction that any church, or individual receiving such appeals should thoroughly investigate the matter before sending any assistance, inasmuch as some have already sent assistance, not knowing that this group is not in fellowship with any known congregation in these regions.

Should anyone feel that our actions or information might be prejudicial in nature, we suggest that inquiry be made with any of the leaders or elders of neighboring churches.


Fay E. Ivie

Homer B. Skelton

L. M. Watson

Elders of the Church of Christ, 16th & Everett, Caldwell, Idaho


Will M. Thompson, Box 195, Anadarko, Okla., November 20: "I closed a good meeting at El Reno, Okla., November 16. Two were baptized and two identified with the congregation. Walker Hembree is the minister and is doing a good work. I baptized Walker in 1926 at Maud, Okla. Clifford Smith, whom I baptized at Tuttle, Okla., is also there. He is one of the deacons. Fine group of brethren at El Reno. I began meeting at Randlett yesterday, and we are off to a good start."


J. B. Cox Available For Work

James R. Cope

For the last twelve months, J. B. Cox, well known song leader among many churches, has been employed as field representative of Florida Christian College. During this time, brother Cox underwent a very serious operation. About the time he was sufficiently recovered to begin work again, he had an automobile accident, which resulted in the fracture of a hand. Recovering from this latter injury, it seemed for awhile that brother Cox would be able to continue his labors with the college; however, because the nature of his employment demanded that he spend so much time driving an automobile, his physicians have suggested that he engage in less strenuous work.

Brother Cox's efficiency as a leader of congregational singing is known by all who know him. He can as effectively and efficiently do this work as he ever did. Any church in need of a good man to work in a protracted meeting, direct or assist in a vacation Bible school, or do local church work would do well to contact brother Cox. He may be addressed at Temple Terrace Station, Tampa 4, Florida.


Harris Goodwin, 1st Ave. at Thorn St., San Diego, Cal., November 16: "The Hillcrest congregation announces its second annual Thanksgiving Gospel Series, Thursday, November 23 to Thursday, November 30. Addresses will

be given each evening at 7:30, with the exception of Saturday, at the church auditorium located on First Avenue at Thorn Street, San Diego, Cal. Well-known and capable ministers will participate in this "Evangelizing This Generation" series. H. M. Harriman of La Mesa, Cal., begins the addresses Thursday, November 23, speaking on Work of An Evangelist In Setting A Congregation In Order. Floyd Thompson of Santa Ana, Cal., speaks Friday, November 24 on Extent of the Elder's Oversight. The minister, Harris Goodwin, will deliver the addresses at the morning and evening services on Sunday. Cooperation of Two or More Congregations, will be the topic of an address to be given Monday evening, November 27 by Hugh I. Shira, minister in Compton, Cal. Tuesday evening, November 28, John Allen Hudson, minister of the Hollywood Church, will speak on History of the Departure In Organizing Missionary Societies. Wednesday, November 29 The Church in Germany will be presented by Otis Gatewood, on leave from his missionary activities in Frankfurt, Germany. This address will be given as previously scheduled in the auditorium of the El Cajon Blvd. congregation located at 2528 El Cajon Blvd. Concluding the series Thursday, November 30, Fred Amick of San Diego, Cal., will speak on God's Economy versus Institutionalism In Evangelizing. The public is cordially invited to participate n this Thanksgiving Gospel Series of the churches of Christ of this area. Joseph Meyer will direct congregational singing at each meeting."


Chester Grimes, 1548 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas: "The Heights congregation just completed a great meeting with John H. Banister of Dallas preaching. Eight baptized and two by membership. The congregation was greatly edified by his very excellent lessons. We have been greatly encouraged in the work here by the response of more than fifty persons during the past five months. Recently I have been with the brethren in Hulbert, Okla., in a meeting in which there were three baptisms and one restoration. In Columbus, Texas, for a six-night meeting where there were no visible results."


Telegram! !

Colorado Springs, Colo.

The Gospel Guardian

Lufkin, Texas

Just read Roy's piece on "Missionary Rally". I say Amen and Amen and more power to you.

—Roy Tidwell


Richard Donley, 206 Gale Ave., Peoria, Ill.: "Recently two have been baptized, one restored and several identified. Both baptisms were adult natives of Illinois. Yes, the gospel can be preached effectively in the North. I go to Sioux City, Iowa, next week to assist the church there in a meeting,"


John T. Overbey, 2015 Kenwood Ave., Austin, Texas: "Several have been restored and a number have placed membership at Southside in Austin recently.. The congregation is faithful to attend the services in the Fulmore school auditorium while our new building is being constructed. Our Bible class attendance has averaged near 200 for the past five and one-half months. This is considerably better than we had expected—not having adequate facilities for carrying on such work. Many visitors attend our services each Lord's day. Our plans are to enter our new building by the third Sunday in February. When in Austin, visit with us at the Fulmore school located in the 200 block on South Congress Ave