Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 23, 1950

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

He scorns the "cup of Satan"

We've recently closed a good meeting in a fine little Oklahoma town where one aged brother, an ardent "one-cupper", is in regular attendance at all the services of the church. He is bitterly opposed to the individual communion cups, and for some years the brethren provided him a big jelly glass which set in the middle of the communion tray. Then one day one of the brethren thought that looked silly, so he opened the window and tossed the jelly glass out into the yard. From that day to this our "one-cup" brother comes to church every Sunday, faithfully partakes of the loaf, but absolutely refuses to take the fruit of the vine!


"Torch" becomes a conflagration

It will bring real pleasure to the Guardian's readers to learn that brother Wallace's "Torch" is about to assume the proportions of that awe inspiring "torch" that exploded in the sky above Bikini atoll a few summers ago. The subscriptions, coming in by every mail, are exceeding his fondest expectations. One trip to the mail box the other day brought more than 200 letters, each with a subscription, and some of them with two or three—nearly 300 subscriptions in that one mail! S-a-a-a-y, where are those "country school houses" that some so glibly predicted a few years ago would soon be the only places where Foy E. Wallace could get a hearing?

Saved, or psychoanalyzed?

We see where Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, Norman Vincent Peale, pastor, has eight psychiatrists and six psychologists on its staff! And when a sinner comes forward at the invitation, we suppose he has to mark on his card whether he is coming to be saved or psychoanalyzed.


Brother Bales explains

"In recent issues of the Firm Foundation and Christian Chronicle, an announcement of the Harding College lectureship appeared under my name, with the statement that Otis Gatewood was the Head' of the work in Germany. Some "have me who Made him head. It happened in this wise. A secretary made him head. I had asked the Public Relations Office to send out an invitation, with the schedule of speakers, to the various religious papers. A secretary wrote it up, and whoever read the copy was not me, I did not see it until it was in the Papers, and then I only glanced at it and did not notice that Gatewood had been made "Head" I failed to catch the error, As far as I know it was not sent out under my name, but my name was evidently put on it because I was quoted as inviting people to come, And I still invite them, but not to hear Gatewood as the head of anything but his family."

— James D. Bales


Whew! What a relief. Here we were getting all squared away to lower the boom with a double-barreled, red-hot, triple-plated, paper scorching editorial, full to the brim with sizzling wads of reproach, for the benefit of whoever got out such publicity—and brother Jim completely disarms us with his, "it was not me"! Guess all we can do now is fuss and sputter a little bit at the Public Relations Office, and brethren Showalter of the Foundation, and Hicks of the Chronicle for letting such an awful error get by. Or, by the way, is it an "error" after all?


Praying For Victory

Reports are coming to us that some of our "Church of Christ Ball Teams' are now going into a huddle before each game to "pray for victory." This is an old trick of the Notre Dame football teams. But if our brethren intend to ape the Catholics in this, as in other things, we think a word of caution might be in order. Let them beware lest the same dire fate over take them as has happened to fool Notre Dame! It is reported or authority (probably unreliable) that one reason for Notre Dame's dismal showing this year is that the noise of furiously clicking rosary beads in the stands has been so loud that player: on the field couldn't hear the signals.


The curves get the "ayes"

Brother A. G. Hobbs says that it these modern bathing suits are modest, he would like for somebody to tell him just how much one would have to cut off to make them immodest-- and just where would one begin to cut? Well, we think the brother probably has a point there; but we doubt that it will be given much consideration either by those who wear the suits or by those who ogle. If the matter were put to a vote, we opine it would be the curves rather than the points that would get the "ayes."


"Open the door, Richard"

According to the juke-boxes a couple of years ago, Richard had one awful time ever getting that door open. And now then, once the door is open, it is taking practically forever to get "Good-night" said to Irene. Which leads us to say that some of the brethren think we are sort of unfair in holding our foot against the door when they are trying so hard to open it for some of their new pet schemes for raising money, But we predict once that door is open, it will really be "Good-night!" to the New Testament pattern of mission work—and it won't take forever to say it either!


Advertising The Meeting

Several of the Detroit preachers recently received this card through the mails:

Please Announce

"Jack McElroy, engaged to conduct the Wayne Fall meeting, October 1529, has graciously consented to perform his Magician Feats for our entertainment.. The Wayne High School auditorium, 3712 Williams, has been obtained for Friday evening, Oct. 20, 8 P. M. For that evening, Church Services will begin at 7 P. M., one hour earlier than regularly scheduled. It is a two hour performance. There will be no admission fee or collection taken. The general public as well is to be invited." Sincerely, William D. Medearis, minister.

As far as we are concerned, that is a new low in advertising a gospel meeting. The digressives wore that trick out fifty years ago. It was quite appropriate for the kind of preaching they did; but we can't think of anything more inappropriate for a gospel meeting.


Concerning "Personalities"

"When F. D. Srygley was criticized for inserting personalities into his articles, he tersely replied that whenever he saw a good-sized chunk of error lying around separate and apart from personality, he would attack the error and let the personality alone."

Earl West

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