Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1950

Just Squibbing

A. H. Porterfield

There is no question as to Christianity being workable if we will only work it. But when the representatives of Christianity leave their indispensable duty to others—especially to those who disclaim Christianity—it makes Christianity look to them useless and unimportant.

It is not so much what one has in this life that counts; it is what he shares with others that enables him to understand his importance and purpose in life. Living for others is the divine center of attraction. It is beautifully decorated picture of wisdom, faith, love, sympathy and understanding. In short, it is true Christianity in action.

The Church, as well as our great nation, is being clubbed to death. "Our clubs", "our organizations", "our socials", "our colleges", "our influential schools", "our Doctor Pevy", "our Pastor", "he's a wonderful organizer", "she's a great club leader". These—and many, many other such expressions gives some of us the shivers, especially when they come from the mouth of God's people, who should know better. My! My! Where is the Lord and His Church? How I would enjoy hearing somebody say something good about THEM! Speaking of the ever-increasing number of subversive organizations that blights this nation, someone has well said: "This nation is being organized out of existence." Yes, but what about the Church of our Lord whose godly influence is so much needed in this restless world? Well, we can already see the bruised spots that have resulted from its severe clubbing. No wonder the Church is suffering from a lack of true, genuine support! The clubs are absorbing it all—time, interest and money.

If the god of the Atheist, independent of the Creator, is to guide him out of darkness into light, and into so much bliss in this modern age why did he not do so for primitive man? Where was the god of the Atheist when first man fell into darkness and superstition? Suppose we could dispossess man of his so-called ignorance and superstition, how do we know that the god of the Atheist would not allow him to return to the same condition? If he allowed him to drift then, why wouldn't he allow him to drift now? If there was something wrong with his god then, maybe there is something wrong with him now. The error is not found in the god of the Atheist, but in the Atheist himself.

Solomon said: "It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman." Is that why so many men stay out so long on their hunting trips?

Beauty shops are very high in American industry today. Oh, well—that only goes to show that God's beauty preparation is not giving satisfaction in this modern age. And, what a kick our fair ladies get out of spending a lot of money trying to defeat father time!

Some one has said that the most popular United States sport is hunting by women—man hunting, that is. Maybe the hunters would be more successful if they would leave the "sport" out of it and try keeping the matter sacred.

We value our free speech as one of our greatest assets, but the way some of us abuse our speech it becomes a liability instead of an asset.