Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1950
NUMBER 26, PAGE 13-15


W. E. Brightwell

Ward Hogland, 1914 Jenny Lind Ave., Fort Smith, Ark.: "I notice in my personal report you have a typographical error. I said the "Church is now using its new $42,000 Bible Education building. You have $442,000. I thought perhaps this should be corrected in that there is a little difference in (42) and (442)."


Bill Humble, 1010 Eighth St., North, St. Petersburg, Fla., October 23: "Four more were baptized at Ninth Avenue yesterday, making a total of eighteen additions within the past month. One of those baptized was a man past 80, whose wife had been praying for his conversion more than half a century. Winter visitors to Florida are invited to worship with the Ninth Avenue Church when in St. Petersburg, 1315 Ninth Avenue, North."


Robt. H. Farish, 1116 Thomason Ave., Tarrant, Ala.: "Two have been baptized and one restored the last two Sundays here."

Cleon Lyles, Little Rock, Ark., October 23: "Our fall meeting at Fourth & State closed last night with one of the largest crowds ever to assemble in our building. This was one of our very best meetings. F. B. Shepherd preached. Five hundred and seven attended our Bible classes yesterday morning."


Wm. H. Parsons, Box 496, Magnolia, Ark., October 25: "In the past few months, I have conducted meetings in Florence and Bogata, Texas; at Taylor, Mason's Chapel, Mt. Pleasant, and Nashville, Ark. Visible results were twenty-one baptized, eleven restored, and six to place membership. The work in Magnolia is progressing. Our Bible study and contributions have increased from 50 to 75 per cent in the past seven months. Unreported are three baptisms, four restored and four to place membership in the work here. We have $10,500.00 in our building fund and hope to either build a new or remodel sometime next year. We now have a Sunday morning broadcast over our local station, KVMA, from 7:15 to 7:30."


Rufus R. Clifford, Old Hickory, Tenn., October 28: "Franklin T. Puckett, of Atlanta, Ga., preached in our fall meeting. He is truly a great preacher. Bob Winstead directed the singing. Twelve were baptized, and one restored. One of the outstanding features of the meeting was the attendance of nearly sixty gospel preachers, who came to one or more services."


Arley E. Moore, 841 Flanagan Ave., Coos Bay, Ore., Oct. 19: "Attendance and contributions during September were higher than for any month since the work began June 1. The attendance averaged thirty-three and contributions averaged $56.58 per Sunday. We have found a few more members of the church, and a few have found us, which is better. When church members move to a new place and look up the church and go of their own accord, they are likely to be worth something to the church. But when you have to go out and beg members to come who know the church is in the community, you are usually wasting your time. Our radio work is bearing fruit. We have had more encouraging reports about this work and have accomplished more visible results by it than any radio program that I have had the opportunity of conducting. If you know of brethren living in southwestern Oregon, please let us know."


Will W. Slater, Box 7178, Sylvania Station, Fort Worth 11, Texas, October 27: "The meeting in Shelbyville, resulted in two baptisms. It is the only congregation in Shelby county. Three other counties joining with no congregations. It is a part of the country badly needing mission work. Louisville, 35 miles west, has fifteen congregations. I do not understand why they do not have a missionary in that field. This leaves me in a singing school in Prosperity, W. Va., to be followed by a meeting beginning November 2. This is the oldest congregation in Raleigh county, established in 1847. I go from here to Sumerco, W. Va., for a meeting."


Gus Winter, 16 Detroit St., Akron, Ohio, October 12: "During the past year several have been baptized, two restored and one won from the Christian Church. Our attendance, interest, and contribution at Baird Street have been on the upswing. This congregation gave me some time off recently for a few short meetings, and conducting Bible lectureships (or had I better say Bible schools?) Visited the following places in August and early September: Flora, Ill.; Brawley, Calif.; Ocala, Fla.; and just one service at Laurel, Miss. Was well received by the brethren in every place. The brethren here will give me some time off in 1951 for two or three gospel meetings, or conducting a Bible school, or if you prefer, Bible Lectureship."


Floyd A. Decker, RFD No. 1, Overton, Texas, October 23: "Just closed an excellent meeting at Foley, Ala., where C. C. Cates is evangelist. Brother Cates is doing a fine job in this new field. Brethren from Pensacola, Fla., and Mobile, and Plateau, Ala., Bayminett and Robertsdale, Ala., and other places, encouraged us by their attendance. Back in September I enjoyed a meeting at Murrel Blvd. Church in Paducah, Ky. Alonzo Williams is the evangelist at this place. They advertised their meeting as a "big meeting" and this it turned out to be in many respects. I preached in the Murrel Blvd. building when it was owned and used by the Christian Church. I was glad to go back and preach the full gospel in this fine building again. The Murrel Blvd. members have done well, and the cause of Christ throughout the Paducah area is in a prosperous condition. I am now working with the brethren in New London, Texas, and get my mail as above. I preach in a meeting at Mobile (Holcomb Ave.), Ala., beginning November 12. Ira Falls will lead the singing. We begin a meeting here in New London November 26."


II. H. Dunn, Huntington, Ark, October 25: "There were seven baptisms, and one restoration in a recent meeting with the Prairie Grove congregation, near Leota, Mo.. Now in a very well attended meeting at Fox School House, near Powell, Mo. Will be with the church in Washburn, Mo., November 3 to 12. Have open time following that meeting."


Grover Stevens, 1218 Phyllis Ave., Louisville, Ky., October 23: "The Wallace-Tipps meeting at the Memorial Auditorium was one of the best, if not the very best meeting ever conducted by the churches of Christ in Louisville. The meeting was a huge success from several standpoints. The preaching was superb. The singing was not one whit behind the preaching. The crowds were the largest ever to assemble for a service of the church of Christ in Louisville. The audiences averaged about 1200 for the ten services. Hundreds of people who were not members of the church of Christ attended the meeting. Many of them expressed their appreciation for the plain, simple, but forceful lessons delivered by brother Wallace. Of course some became offended, but only a few, and most of them were faint-hearted brethren, who are afraid that their friends and neighbors might learn the truth. Not only were hundreds of contacts made with people who are not members of the church of Christ, but a large number of the premillennial brethren attended. The meeting had its part in weakening the premillennial faction in the church here to its lowest point—almost the breaking point. Fruit will be borne from this meeting for months, yes, years, to come. Several have requested that the meeting be repeated next year."


Gilbert Copeland, 1810 Buchanan, Wichita Falls, Texas, October 28: "Yater Tant, of Abilene, Texas, closed a good meeting with the Floral Heights congregation here in Wichita Falls on October 1. Tant's preaching will strengthen any congregation. His unique way will do any church lasting good. The church here is stronger because he came our way. We heartily commend him for meeting work. Our meeting resulted in three baptisms and. one

restoration. Since the meeting we have had one baptism, three restorations and five to place membership. I enjoyed a good meeting with the Greggton, Texas, Church, October 9 to 18. My brother, Jady, is the regular preacher there. The church is in good shape and is doing a good work. The meeting resulted in one baptism, and two identifications. Our work here at Floral Heights seems to be in good shape. We are planning a greater work for 1951."


Leon B. Mcquiddy Passes

Leon B. McQuiddy, chairman of the board of McQuiddy Printing Company and the Gospel Advocate Company, of Nashville, Tenn, died in Philadelphia, Pa., October 18. He had been under treatment in Philadelphia for two weeks and became seriously ill on Monday before his passing on Wednesday.

He resigned the presidency of the two companies which he headed some three years ago, to accept the chairmanship of the board of directors. He has been under treatment much of the time since he resigned from active management of his companies..

Almost all his active life was spent in the direction of his business enterprises, except for a period during the first World War, when he served his country as a captain in the army.

During the last two decades of his life, his membership was with the Fairview Church of Christ, a rural church on Hillsboro Road.

The following account was carried in the Nashville Tennessean, under date of October 20:

Funeral services for Leon B. McQuiddy, 63, of Tyne Lane, chairman of McQuiddy Printing Co. board, will be held at his home at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow.

B. C. Goodpasture will officiate, and burial will be in Mount Olive cemetery.

Mr. McQuiddy died Wednesday night in Philadelphia, Pa. The body will arrive today and will be taken to his home.

Mr. McQuiddy attended Vanderbilt university. He was active in civic affairs of the state, including the Kiwanis club, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, and Tennessee Orphans, Spring Hill.

Mr. McQuiddy had been in Philadelphia for the past two weeks undergoing treatment, and became seriously ill Monday.

Associated with McQuiddy Printing Co. all of his life, he was board chairman at the time of his death. He resigned as president three years ago to accept the position.

He had been in declining health for the past three years.

A native of Nashville, he was the son of Rev. and Mrs. J. C. McQuiddy. His father was president and owner of the printing company.

His first wife, Anna Deihl Bramley McQuiddy, died in 1945 He was a member of Fairview Church of Christ.

Survived by wife, Mrs. Catherine Miller McQuiddy; son, Leon B. McQuiddy, Jr.; step-mother, Mrs. J. C. McQuiddy of Lookout Mt. Vernon, Tenn.; brothers, David L. McQuiddy of Nashville, Paul N. McQuiddy of Chattanooga, Tenn.; sisters, Miss Evelyn McQuiddy of Birmingham, Ala., Mrs. C. R. Porter of Chattanooga, Mrs. A. R. Williamson of Phoenix, Ariz., and Mrs. Sue McQuiddy

Bauman of Lookout, Mt. Tenn; two grandchildren. His remains will arrive Friday evening and be taken to his home on Tyne Blvd., where services will be conducted at 10:30 o'clock Saturday morning, Bro. B. C. Goodpasture officiating. Pallbearers: Active—Homer Brown, Orris Davis, Garnet Landrum, Bruce Fulk, Herman Griffin, Ray-Mond Massie, Reese Porter, Ralph Alexander, Wallace Clark and Paul Ferrell. Honorary—Dr. Prentice A. Pugh, Ira Parker, Bill Pollard, Sam Shacklett, Ernest Hardison, Keenan Foster, Page Sanders, Neely Porch, Jonas Brown, R. T. Barrett, Thurman Sensing, Marvin Duncan, Ralph Perry, Jack Price Jones, Walter D. Bellingrath of Mobile, Ala., Robert C. Cook, Hattisburg, Miss., Dr. Rogers Herbert, Howell Brandon, C. H. Wetterau, Dr. Paul Warner, Col. C. R. Endsley of Sweetwater, Tenn., R. B. Jones, J. J. Walker of Knoxville, Tenn., Dr. L. W. Edwards, A. M. Burton, C. A. Craig, Hank Tidman and T. A. Harris of

St. Louis, Mo. Interment in Mt. Olive Cemetery. M. S. Combs & Co. at Centennial Park.