Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1950

The Purpose Of The Church

Fred Bandy

All people who believe and understand the Bible realize the purpose of the church on earth. Christ in Matthew 16:18-20 makes the statement that he will build the church. In Eph. 5:22-27 we find he is the savior of it. Its mission is to save the world, Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16.15-16; Matthew 5:13. The church today contains all of the saved, Acts 2:47, and II Peter 1:5-11; John 15:1-6. The power by which all of this is accomplished is the gospel, Romans 1:16.

Nothing will save a man but the Gospel of Christ. Therefore we eye with great concern the efforts of modernists to save people in ways other than through the Gospel. This is a departure from the faith, Gal. 1:7-9. A common expression today is, we must do something to save our young people. This statement is true. It is a pity that many who are making it are trying to save them with everything but the Gospel. The most popular method now being tried by modern idealists is entertainment. While they cry out for salvation for young people they teach them the things that carry them back into the world and destroy their soul.

Clean entertainment is all right in its place, but the Bible does not teach entertainment is the power of God to save. Let all true Christians teach young people that their mission on earth is not to play but to take up the banner of Christ, and fight the good fight of faith. Teach them their purpose is to save souls by the gospel. Teach them their responsibility to God and man. This modern sinful theory is teaching our young people that the church is obligated to entertain them, and to try to keep them satisfied in this way to be Christians. Is not the old story of Jesus Christ enough to keep them happy?

The ones who are fathering this movement will see young people demanding more and more. You will see them forgetting the divine purpose of the church and become a group of play boys with no higher purpose in life than to have a good time. The blood of the ones who thus stumble will be on the souls of those who are insisting on bringing these things into the church. All true Christians will oppose these organized efforts to destroy the spiritual strength of the church. The money used in these projects should be spent to preach the gospel. It and it alone is still God's power to save.


Garnie Atkisson, Lovington, N. M., October 19: "0. H. Tabor of Carlsbad closed a profitable meeting here last night. One was baptized, and several prospects were located. He will return next year."