Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 26, 1950

Medley Observations

W. N. Bohannan, Fullerton, California

The Lord's way of the church has always been made clear by the word and precepts of the Apostles of Christ; and since the scripture is a thorough furnisher for all endeavors of the church (congregations), IT NEED BE that these epistles only, be read and used as the authority in all church bonds and activities. (Col. 4:16).

These epistles give no impetus to a pompous display of "institutionalism" in religious or literary endeavors, neither at home nor abroad; therefore not competitive with the 'State-Church powers that be' in their arena of grand array.

After Fullerton had just sent one thousand dollars to the Italian campaign and being apprehensive of the enticements about, this Old Counselor wrote for publication November, 1948, quote: "We hope and pray that all work is kept on the 'Apostolic Beam' counting the retrieving of lost souls greater than any external display, and the establishment of churches more praiseworthy of the Lord than the building of Theological Seminaries and the like; and that preaching the WORD and ordaining elders in every city, could bring about the conversion of many nations in our generation: that the same beacon lights should continue as the guiding beam, even at home and in the Orient.

"May all be reminded that Paul used 'established' schools and synagogues only as avenues to disseminate the gospel, but never the funds of the church to possess the schools. Otherwise, we might as well join up with the World Council of Churches in doing as Rome does, as to veer from the apostolic way of evangelism and not be found doing separately, ourselves, what they have been doing all along without compunction," end quote.

What have we now? Romanism has been incited, while Rome has not been excited in very great measure as yet. Can the truth retreat, never. So why not off our coats as individual workers on the field and preach the everlasting gospel of Christ in every city, even beyond Rome and Tokyo. When Peter swayed in the minor things and was admonished by his fellow apostle, did he up his head and denounce Paul as anti-Christian. No, he loved the more. Nor did any smarter set of the church form collusions against others who would venture safety reprimands. Neither should we today instigate undermining assault on any guardian who is fearless aright, and have dedicated their all to the salvation of others in the church. Brethren, we need to exercise that wisdom which is from above, cultivating the love of God always, amongst ourselves here below.