Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 5, 1950

Just Squibbing

A. H. Porterfield

The best way to get a lot more power on less gas is to use the product in its original form—the pure gospel of Christ. Caution: Don't tamper with it; it's dangerous.

Who objects to their children reading anything that better informs them about the world they live in? But who would not object to any thing that would misinform them?

There must be a lot of good in a lot of people—it is so slow coming out.

"The foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men." The only way men will ever agree with Paul on that statement is to make them see their foolishness and weakness, and—what a task! You can tell men of their wisdom and strength, but you better get ready to dodge when you tell them of their foolishness arid weakness.

You may know your onions well enough to keep the tears out of your eyes. But do you know the truth well enough to keep your soul out of torment?

It's a shame some people don't know everything they think they know. It's so embarrassing! But it may be worse than that at the judgement.

A professor says most American profanity was in use 800 years ago. Well, if time changes everything don't you think it's time we were swearing off?

Tell men of their ability to make money; talk to them about their great possessions, and watch the expression of their human pride beam. But tell them the truth about it, that is, that what they have is not their own—it belongs to God—and He is only entrusting it in their hands for a time to be used to His glory. Then watch that expression change to that of resentment. Interesting!

Some folks don't like to be called old fashioned, but they still believe in using the old fashion waggin'—waggin' the tongue, that is.

A young lady who had been taught and made to believe that there is nothing in a name, started out forging names. Arraigned, tried and sentenced by the court, she cried out: "Look! That's what believing a lie has done for me! Nothing in a name, eh! Anyway, there's a prison term in it for me."

We are told that in marital ceremonies the knotted ribbon is used as a symbol of faith and the inseparable ties of love and duty in marriage. Maybe so, but the trouble is all signs fail when the storm is on.

God grant me the wisdom to discern truth from error and the courage to embrace it is my safest shield from harm and danger.

Advice is usually worth just about what it costs—nothing.