Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 7, 1950

Needed - 5000 Good Books

Bible Helps

Hours with the Bible, Geikie, 6 Vols. on 0. T., 4 Vols. on N. T.

Word Studies in the New Testament, Vincent, 4 Vols. Introduction to the Scriptures, Home, 4 Vols.

Introduction to the Scriptures, Harmon.

Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Edersheim, 2 Vols. Trench on the Miracles.

Trench on the Parables.

Life and Epistles of Paul, Conybeare & Hawson. All About the Bible, Collett.

Systematic Theology, Hodge, 4 Vols.

Theological Institutes, Watson, 2 Vols.

Prideaux's Connections, 2 Vols.

New Testament Synonyms, Trench.

Old Testament Synonyms, Girdlestone.

Ancient Records and the Bible, Adams.

Archaeology and the Bible, Barton.

The Monuments and the Old Testament, Price.

Lands of the Bible, McGarvey.

Handbook on Baptism, Shepherd.

Restoration Movement, Rowe.

Gospel Plan of Salvation, Brents.

Biblical Criticism, McGarvey

Authorship of Deuteronomy, McGarvey.

Evidences of Christianity, McGarvey.

Bible Versus Modernism, Trice & Robertson.

Evenings with the Bible, Errett, 3 Vols.

Memoirs of Campbell, Richardson, 1 or 2 Vols.

Life of Elder John Smith.

Contending for the Faith, Brewer.

Biographical Sketches of Gospel Preachers, Boles. Churches of Today, Tomlinson.

Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ, Brownlow. Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced, Canright.

The Trial of Jesus, Chandler, 2 Vols.

How we got our Bible, Smyth.

World Book, or Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition or later.

Elliott on Romanism, 2 Vols.

Rome Stoops to Conquer, Boyd.

Bible Versus Romanism, Trice.

The Church of Christ, Phillips or a Layman.

Sound Doctrine, Nichol & Whiteside, 4 Vols.

The Holy Spirit, Boles.

Scheme of Redemption, Milligan.

Reason and Revelation, Milligan.

A Vision of the Ages, Johnson.

The Church, the Falling Away, the Restoration, Shepherd. The Voice of the Pioneers on Instrumental Music and Societies, Lewis.

The Virgin Birth of Christ, Machen.

The Christian System, Campbell.

Any of the books of Harry Rimmer.

Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Encyclopedia, McClintock & Strong.

Schaff—Herzogg Encyclopedia, 4 or 12 Vols.

Smith's Bible Dictionary, 3 or 4 Vols.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, by Orr, 5 Vols. Young's Analytical Concordance.

Complete Concordance to American Standard Bible, Hazard.

Cruden's Complete Concordance.

Peloubet's Bible Dictionary.

Greek Lexicon, by Thayer.

Englishman's Greek Concordance.

Bagster's Analytical Greek Lexicon.

Church Histories

History of the Christian Church, Schaff.

Neander's Church History.

Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History.

History of the Christian Church, Fisher or Walker. Manual of Church History, by Newman, 2 Vols. Historical Atlas of the Holy Land.


Commentaries on the New Testament, Pub. by Gospel Advocate Co.

Adam Clarke, 6 Vols.

Matthew Henry, 6 Vols.

Barnes Notes, 11 Vols. on N. T., and 9 Vols. on 0. T. Macknight on the Epistles, 1 or 4 Vols.

Meyer's Commentary on New Testament, 11 Vols. People's New Testament with Notes, Johnson, 2 Vols. The Fourfold Gospel, McGarvey and Pendleton. Commentary on Acts of Apostles, McGarvey.

Standard Bible Commentary, McGarvey and Pendleton. Commentary on Romans, Lard.

Commentary on Hebrews, Milligan.

One Volume Commentary, Dummelow.

Pulpit Commentary, 51 Vols.

Exposition of the Holy Scriptures, Maclaren, 17 or 25 Vols. Expositor's Green New Testament, 5 Vols.


Campbell—Rice Harding—Nichols

Campbell—McCalla Nichol—Bradley

Campbell—Purcell Nichols—Weaver

Campbell—Owen Clubb—Boles

Neal—Wallace Woods—Nunnery

Oliphant—Rice Wallace—Stauffer

Wilkes—Ditzler Hardeman—Bogard

Braden—Kelley Porter—Dugger

Gatewood—Farnsworth The Nashville Debate . Sermons

McGarvey's Sermons.

Hardeman's Tabernacle Sermons.

New Testament Christianity, Sweeney, 3 Vols. God's Prophetic Word, Wallace.

Old Path Pulpit, Allen.

The Gospel Preacher, Franklin, 2 Vols. Gospel Sermons, Brents.

Popular Lectures and Addresses, Campbell. Living Pulpit of the Christian Church. Saurin's Sermons, 2 Vols.

Watson's Sermons, 2 Vols.

Village Sermons, Burder.

Second Coming and Other Sermons, Woods. Sermon Outlnes on Acts, Crawford.

Gospel Lessons and Life History, Sewell.