Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 7, 1950


W. E. Brightwell

Esten Macon, 226 East Church, Anderson, S. C., August 24: "My meetings at Center Hill, Ala., and Grange Hall, Tenn., were well attended and many visitors were in the audiences. Wherever I preach, many people come out to see my father's son, but I make good use of the opportunity by preaching the gospel unto them. My next meeting is at Union, S. C., on September 11. Otis W. Melton did a fine job preaching here in my absence. Two persons were recently restored. Our local work continues to improve."


W. M. Robins, Box 283, Grants Pass, Oregon, August 15: "Our meeting at Fourth and K Street closed last Sunday night with one addition, and the church greatly edified. F. B. Shepherd preached. Interest above the average."

W. Curtis Porter, Monette, Ark., August 22: "I am to meet Vernon L. Barr, Missionary Baptist, in a four day debate, at Center, Texas, beginning Tuesday morning, September 12.

There will be two sessions each day, one in the daytime, and one at night."


Thos. McDonald, Graham, Texas, "I am now working regularly for the second time with the church at Graham, Texas. We began with a meeting which closed August 13. Three were baptized, two placed membership, and one was restored. The building was overflowing on several occasions. My work with Central Church in Pampa was pleasant, and I trust profitable. The church is sound and has an eldership that willingly takes the oversight. Brother Gillpatrick, Stephenville, Texas, is following me at Pampa. No doubt the Central Church will grow."



Rosa (Warner) McDonald was born at Paris, Texas, February 24, 1903, and departed this life at Pampa, Texas, July 22, 1950. She was a daughter of Charlie and Lucy Warner, who preceded her in death several years ago. She was married to Thos McDonald twenty-eight years ago. To this union were born seven children. Two sons, Eugene and Lowell, reside at Lubbock, Texas. Two daughters, Mrs. A. L. Home, and Mrs. Phil Perkins, also live at Lubbock. One daughter, Mrs. Joe Preston, lives at Skelly-town; and two single daughters, Nelta and Verma, live with their father at Graham, Texas. Surviving are also ten grandchildren.

Rosa was a faithful member of the church from childhood. She was an ideal wife and mother. Her children, except Verma, who is six years old, are active members of the church. The five who are married have Christian companions. Truly, she was the queen of her home. On the morning of July 24, J. P. Grenshaw spoke comforting words at the Francis Avenue building in Pampa. That afternoon as the sun was setting, her body was laid to rest in the new cemetery at Graham, Texas. The family was preparing to move from Central Church in Pampa to Graham at the time of her death. Thos. is now preaching for the church in Graham. The members of the family need your prayers in their hours of loneliness.

—Thos McDonald.



To Whom It May Concern:

L. Arnold Watson is leaving North-side Church as of September 3, 1950, of his own choice. During his more than three years time with us, as local preacher, the church has added a new auditorium fully equipped, more class rooms, and other general improvements in its property. We have also enjoyed a steady growth in membership. Hs is going to Dearborn Church, In Detroit, Mich., and leaves Northside with full commendation of the elders and membership, and we highly recommend him to the church in Dearborn, Mich., and to the brotherhood at large.


E. H. Finch

E. M. Lambert

D. D. Morgan

J. K. Shipman

M. V. Showalter

Northside Church, Abilene, Texas.


Oscar Smith, Sr., 6447 Pinehurst Dr., Houston 3, Texas, August 25: "The Oak Forest congregation is planning a fall meeting beginning Sunday, September 24. We have secured a tent, and it will be put up on our building site on Wakefield Road.

Luther Blackmon will preach for us five nights beginning the night of September 25, and after that, local men will continue the meeting for several nights."


J. T. Marlin, Dickson, Tenn., August 24: "I recently conducted a meeting at Friendship, here in the county, where Billy Fielder preaches. They have around sixty members. Most of our audiences exceeded 500 by actual count. This is a rural congregation. This speaks of the good work that he is doing. August 13 to 20, I preached at Beech Grove in Maury County. Seven were baptized, and one restored. The audiences were large throughout the meeting. Brother Jarrett is doing a good work with this congregation."


J. W. Webb, Holdenville, Okla., August 25: "The East Main Church has just recently elected some additional elders and deacons. We hope to do a greater work with this additional help, and believe we will. The work is progressing nicely; interest is increasing greatly; and attendance is improving steadily. All things apparently favorable for a splendid year's work."


Will W. Slater, Box 7178, Sylvania Station, Fort Worth 11, Texas, August 24: "The meeting in Delaplaine, Ark., resulted in seven baptisms, one lady, a Methodist for 50 years. I baptized my first converts and performed my first marriage ceremony in Delaplaine a good many years ago. The meeting with Arnod Church, Swifton, Ark., resulted in one restoration. I promised to be with them in a meeting next year. The meeting with Mountain Home Church, Paragould, Ark., resulted in six baptisms, and five restorations. I am in a meeting in Dalhart, Texas, with Central Church, where J. D. Taylor labors. I go from here to Ellington, Mo."


Bob Craig, Huntington, Texas, August 28: "I closed a meeting Friday night at Ball Hill Community, near here. There were no additions. In my absence from Huntington, Darwin Kerr baptized a young lady. Brother Kerr has been a member of the church only a short while but is progressing more rapidly than most who have been members for years."