Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 7, 1950
NUMBER 18, PAGE 12-13b

"What The Brethren Are Saying-----"

Dear Roy:

The Gospel Guardian is hitting the nail on the head re: "Centralized Control and Oversight;" so keep on hitting, and maybe it will be that James Bales will join the hammer crew and help in this re-building program. Gene (Smith) who at one time was an expert with the gospel hammer seems to have taken to the wax and putty; while Jimmie (Lovell) uses sandpaper and tries to keep everything smooth.


"Evaluating 'Information Supplied'," by brother James W. Adams, in the July 27th issue, is rich, and is a wonderful piece of scriptural reasoning. It takes men with convictions to meet the elders of a "great church" as brother Adams has done. Where do you suppose "Melvin" stands?


"We" have 37 INSTITUTIONS which are sucking the life's blood from the churches: 20 schools, 13 orphan homes, 4 old folks' homes. Then "we" have one clinic (Japan), one budding (Africa), and many RECREATIONAL GROUNDS. A "Youth Center" is coming up here in Dallas. It takes about $8,000,000 every year to operate these adjuncts. At $500 per gospel meeting, this would conduct 16,000 meetings—and that would be just 300 meetings per year in every state in the union!

More power to you. "We" have seven thousand men who "have not bowed the knee to Baal."


Jake L. Hines, Dallas, Texas.


"When a disputant leaves the subject, or the proposition, or runs off to another outlet for his accommodations, he then and there surrenders his case in the thinking of honest or intelligent men. 'Nuf sed!"

C. E. Wooldridge, Fort Worth, Texas.


Dear Yater and Roy:

Your articles in the last G. G. are unexcelled. The issue is made to stand out so that any who desire to see will not be deceived by false issues. For clearness and force you brethren are seldom equaled. You discuss issues, not personalities except when that is necessary. Your writings are characterized by great vigor, and none can doubt that you believe with all your heart in the scripturalness of the position you occupy. And it is fine that you leave out all sarcasm, ridicule, and unseemly personal thrusts. Many have injured the cause of the truth they advocated by bitter personalities. Such sometimes furnishes an excuse for some to embrace the opposition.

Many years ago a really great man said to me: "If you can get into the columns of paper in a discussion with the editor, and can break down the confidence his readers have in him . . " That truly great man always seemed to have the idea of destroying the man rather than uprooting the error and planting the truth. In spite of his greatness, this was a terrible weakness. Don't ever allow yourselves to fall into this human weakness. Hit hard, but manifest the dignity that the gospel manifests. The gospel is the purest, grandest, highest, most exalted message ever committed to men. Our demeanor should always be on the same high level, insofar as we are able to manifest it.

If there is any safe, scriptural position that can be taken, then that which is taught and defended in the Guardian is that position.

In the last great apostasy, many who would have liked to remain in the Old Paths went over for the easy course and especially for the salary. It will be so again.

In faith, hope, and love,

W. W. Otey, Belle Plain, Kansas.


Dear Brethren:

More power to your pens in your stand against the encroachment of innovations into the church today. In this the Gospel Guardian is filling a dire need in the brotherhood at this time.

There are two patented expressions almost invariably made in reply when attention is called to variations from the New Testament order. (1) "I see no harm in it," and (2) "Since it is not being done the right way, it is better to do it this way than not at all."

Cain probably saw no harm in offering the sacrifice he offered; and Nadab and Abihu probably saw no harm in offering a fire other than the one on the altar. But we know that Cain's offering was a sin; and that it led to murder and lying, and to his name being passed down to all succeeding generations as one of ignominy! And we know that the act of Nadab and Abihu resulted in their immediate death.

Uzzah may have reasoned, "This is not exactly the way God said to move the ark, but it is out of place and it ought to be moved. And since it is being moved, and since it is in danger, I will do what I can to see that it reaches its destination in safety." But we know that he lost his life on the spot for what he did.

These men, being dead, yet speak in warning against deviating in the least from the pattern given us.

As has ever been the case, some will not be admonished; others, when their attention is called to the errors they are in, will make the correction necessary. So, keep the good work going!

On a separate sheet I am enclosing a list of five subscriptions together with my check to cover.

Yours in the faith,

S. F. Timmerman, Port Arthur, Texas


Dear Brother Tant:

We are not defending a point or a man, rather, this is an appeal for truth in the spirit of love.

In the July 13th issue the front page article by brother Wallace to brother Bales was soul sorrowing to us. It appeared void of love for all, except the author's love of self. It seemed written in a spirit of hatred—but not hatred for sin, rather hatred for a brother. He uses language which Christ or Paul in their sharpest rebukes or sternest teachings never used.

You, as the editor, are responsible for what appears in your paper. Give us articles inspired by love of truth only. If a point is to be discussed, let it be done in the spirit of love, giving Bible references, not to prove the ability of one debater over another, but to prove what is the mind of Christ.

Sincerely, your brother and sister in Christ,

Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Fisher, Benton, Ark.