Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 31, 1950

Just Squibbing

A. H. Porterfield, Popular Bluff, Missouri

There is much to be said on both sides of a question —usually too much.

The world's greatest book, the Bible, is the only book to solve the perplexing problems of a world engulfed in ignorance and superstition. But the primary purpose of the Bible is not to produce civilization. Its basic and fundamental aim is to prepare souls for the eternal abode—a more sublime world than this. Those souls, of course, without realizing it, will produce and embellish a better civilization.

Saying lofty things about one may, in the eyes of some people, lift him above his fellows. But what a disappointment when we have to look down to find him!

Science says a snail's pace is about 15 feet per hour, if he keeps going that long. Well, if Mr. Snail were on his way to heaven he might pass up some of us church members at that.

So many preachers are not interested in what you stand for. The question is, what will you fall for?

It isn't artificial training preachers need most—it is downright spiritual training—the kind that so deeply implants their faith in what God has said that even the preachers can't uproot it.

Why is it that when it is so easy to find fault in all of us, so many of the best of us keep right on looking for it in the worst of us? (meditating): There's the beam in the eye, the crack in the head, the heart of the Pharisee—Oh well, what's the answer?

The idolized stars of Hollywood are too busy being married to stay home, and too busy being divorced to stay married.

Someone has said: "The most efficient labor saving device ever invented is money." But may we hasten to warn that one of the hardest jobs anyone ever had is to keep money from making a slave of him.

The apostles "preached the gospel" "with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven." Today most preachers preach most anything with the spirit sent down from the professor.

It seems hard for some people to believe that hell is real until they get there, then they start crying for mercy or for someone to run and tell others how real it is.

It's not so much what you do against your neighbor that destroys him; it's what you say. Nor is it so much what you say for your neighbor that helps him most; it's what you do.

A firm, sincere, generous smile is so magnetic in its nature that it will draw the steel out of a "crank."