Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 17, 1950
NUMBER 15, PAGE 15-16


W. E. Brightwell

New Congregation In Longview, Tex.

Sunday, August 13, will mark the beginning of a new congregation in the city of Longview. The old congregation is giving up approximately 200 members to begin the new work on the corner of Mobberly Avenue and Edgefield Street in the southern section of the city. Mobberly Avenue in addition to being Highway 149 is the main artery leading to South Longview, LeTourneau Technical Institute, and the new Cherokee Lake. The location is in the midst of one of the best residential sections of moderate priced homes in the city.

The accompanying picture is an architectural drawing of the meeting house of the Mobberly Avenue congregation as it will be when completed. At the present, only the auditorium and four rooms have been constructed. The Bible school addition will be constructed as soon as the financial condition of the new work permits. Plans for the work and building were conceived during the ministry of Paul Wallace. The present minister of the Whaley and Second Street congregation is James W. Adams. J. C. Murphy of Orange, Texas, has been selected as the preacher for the new congregation.

The new building at present consists of four rooms and an auditorium. There are two nurseries with rest rooms for each. The construction is of brick, concrete blocks, and steel. The interior has plastered walls and an acoustical board ceiling. The lighting is fluorescent. The walls are finished in heather rose with a white ceiling. The furniture is solid oak in a dark oak finish. The seats are thepew type. The floor is concrete with azrock tile covering. The seating capacity is 456 in the main auditorium plus whatever number may be seated in the nurseries.

The formal opening services are to be conducted from August 13 through 18. The program is as follows: Sunday morning, James W. Adams, Longview; Sunday evening, J. C. Murphy, Longview; Monday evening, Foy L. Smith, Gladewater; Tuesday evening, Austin Siburt, Tyler; Wednesday evening, Bryan Vinson, Dallas; Thursday evening, Paul Wallace, Denison; Friday evening, Stanley J. Lovett, Kilgore. Brother John Bullock of San Antonio is to lead the singing. All those within reach of Longview are invited to be with us in these services.

James W. Adams, 405 N. Second Street, Longview, Texas.


Cecil L. Downs, 509 N. 4th St., Bardstown, August 3: "George D. Tipps, Jr., of Louisville, Ky., did some very fine preaching in a meeting here, which closed last Wednesday. Six were baptized, and interest in the meeting was good from the start.

"The church in Bardstown is weak, so far as numbers go, but is strong in the faith and firmly planted here in this stronghold of the Catholic Church. We have a membership of thirty-five, and have a nice building in which to meet, and with the assistance of some of the surrounding congregations we are endeavoring to sow the seed in the hearts of the people of this community.

"This is quite a tourist center, and we would be glad to have anyone planning to see the sights of historic Kentucky, plan also to worship with us while in this section."


Luther Savage, Box 114 Velma, Okla., July 22: "Have just returned home from a meeting in which I preached at Pernell, Okla. There were ten baptized."


Cleon Lyles, Little Rock, Ark., August 1: "Four were baptized, one restored, and eight placed membership at Fourth & State in July."


Max L. Johnson, 410 S. College, Tahlequah, Okla., August 7: "Two restorations here yesterday."


H. Lester Parker, Blythe, California: "We had one baptism, and four restorations in recent weeks, the restorations being the results of intensive effort put forth to this end. A great many physical improvements have been made the past few months, the most recent being the pouring of sidewalks and curbs. Additional classrooms are needed badly, and it is hoped that they can be built soon."


Boyd D. Fanning, Snyder, Texas, August 3: "Closed meeting at Hermleigh, Texas, Tuesday night. Ten baptized, five of which united homes that were divided. Alfred Lieb directed songs. L. M. Gray, is doing good work. I shall be with Central Church and Paul Wallace, Denison, Texas, August 18-27. Three baptized, thirteen by transfer, one restored at Snyder during July. Begin having two morning services next Lord's day."


M. A. Mansur, Carnegie, Okla., August 7: "Two more were baptized here yesterday. This fine little congregation continues to grow both spiritually and numerically, as manifested by the increase of attendance and interest. Our small building is filled each Lord's day. The church here urgently needs a larger and more adequate building to carry on the work of the Lord. The brethren have recently secured desirable lots in the best part of Carnegie for the location of a new church building; and as soon as the money can be raised they plan to build a nice auditorium, with adequate classrooms and a baptistry. I receive my mail at 1113 Lake, Lawton, Okla.


W. L. Douthitt, 329 Cummings St., Uvalde, Texas, July 31: "Just one change in the Guardian, please. Enlarge the "Overflow" department. Personally I enjoy it. Two baptisms here at Uvalde yesterday. Some of the finest young people in Texas are members of this congregation."


Max L. Johnson, 410 S. College Ave., Tahlequah, Okla., August 3: "Closed meeting at Gore, Okla., Wednesday night. Four baptized."


This is to inform you that as of September 1, our A P 0 privilege is being withdrawn, and we are no longer to receive mail addressed to us there. Therefore we request that you change our address to:

H. R. Fox, Jr.,

Omika, Kuji-machi

Kuji-gun, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.


Please announce that missionaries in Japan are no longer permitted to use A. P. 0. privileges. Address all mail to missionaries in Ibaraki at:

Omika, Kuji-machi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan.

This is the location of Ibaraki Christian College also.

Logan Fox


Frank L. Smith, Box 975, Shawnee,

Okla.: "I am in a good meeting at Asher, Okla. Two have been baptized. Bill Wallace is the preacher. The meeting with Fifth and Marble congregation at Albuquerque was well attended and resulted in one baptism. Frank Van Dyke is going to Freed-Hardeman after a good work at Albuquerque Two recent baptisms here make twenty-four the total in this year."


Milton E. Truex, 2551 Oxford Ave., Memphis 12, Tenn.: "On Friday, June 30, I closed a good meeting at the Walnut Hill Church, which is about seven miles south of Springfield, Mo. Six were baptized in this meeting. The work is growing there, and they have remodeled their building. This is the second meeting I have held for the Walnut Hill Church."


George T. Jones, Nacogdoches, Texas, July 31: "A Baptist was baptized here yesterday. Two placed membership. Three were baptized in the Apple Springs, Texas, meeting. Our tent meeting, with L. W. Jones of Grand Saline, Texas, preaching, begins August 6. We begin construction on our new building tomorrow."


Thomas Allen Robertson, Box 175, McLean, Texas, August 8: "The work here in McLean continues to go forward. From July 30 to August 6, I was in a meeting at Alanreed, Texas, seven miles from McLean, Texas. Cletus (Bob) Fish directed the singing. There is no church of Christ at Alanreed. We used the Methodist building. The churches at Lefors, Groom, McLean, and others cooperated in this effort. The meeting was well attended by both members of the church and by the people of Alanreed. The meeting resulted in one baptism and opportunities to do much private teaching. We plan to do this again in some other place in this area this summer. We hope to do more of it next year.

From August 11 to 20, I will be in a meeting at 0. M., north of Hollis, Okla. This will be my fifth meeting that area.

At this time I still have time for one more meeting next year. Also, the church here is going to send me for a meeting next year. We would be happy to hear from churches not able to afford a meeting next year. We will consider all requests in making our decision as to where to go."

Young preacher desires to be used by some congregation in preaching the gospel. Twenty-four years of age, good character, sound in the faith, and a Lipscomb graduate. Contact W.

D. McPherson, 671 Moreland Ave., S.

E. Atlanta, Ga.


R. D. Simmons, 441 Clark Drive, Corpus, Christi, Texas, July 25: "In three recent meetings at Bishop, Texas, Stockdale, Texas, and Cowan, Tenn., the brethren used me with the following results: A total of twenty-eight baptisms, and nine restorations. Among that number three people were baptized who were over 70 years of age. My next meeting will be at Ingleside, Texas, and I will complete my meeting work this year with a meeting at Lytle, Texas, and South San Antonio, Texas. Our local work here at Furman Avenue makes progress in every way. Sunday, July 23, we had two baptisms and one for membership, and on this date we have baptized twice as many people this year as in all of last year."