Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 13, 1950

He Must Be Out Of Humor

Cled E. Wallace

It will take more than a "kite tail" to make the "rock-fight" article "fly." It would take a few balloons well-filled with gas or hot air! The former could be secured from any rubber company, and the latter could be obtained, it is reported, in abundance from the "Lufkin Diocese." Seriously, a "kite-tail" could be appended to the "rock-fight" article which would make it "fly," but not the kind the G. G. boys are accustomed to writing.

(Editor of the Gospel Advocate)

"Seriously," the editor of the Gospel Advocate must be out of humor. For some reason, he appears to entertain a dislike for us. His bad humor must be stronger than his convictions, for he has not said that much in favor of his side of this issue, since the fracas started.

Perhaps he thinks that "sarcasm" and "ridicule" will demolish us, but it won't. He must mix in a little argument with them, before they will even make a dent on us. He is rather scornful about the kind of articles "the G. G. boys are accustomed to writing." An editor who is not "accustomed to writing" any kind, should not be too critical about what others write. If the above "kite-tail" is a sample of the kind of articles he wrote, if he wrote, possibly it is better than he not write. The "rock-fight" article must have done a very good job of flying, as it flew clear to Nashville and perched right on the editor of the Gospel Advocate. He has not been able to get it off, or shoo it out. "It haunts him like Banquo's ghost."

Honor bright, when I turned that kite loose, I had no idea it would create such havoc, including making the editor of the Gospel Advocate forget that he was a gentleman, and act up as he has. Maybe I should have given it a shorter tail and less line.

Somebody has told him that there is nothing in the "Lufkin Diocese" but "gas" and "hot air." He should not be so gullible and believe everything he hears. If he'll come down to see us, I'll personally show him around, and leave all the closet doors open, and guarantee that he won't suffer from a gas explosion while he is my guest. I can show him some guns and hand-loading tools, that will tickle him as much as "a sponsoring church" with colleges in its budget. He likes guns, and we always have a good time when we talk guns and hunting. I'll even ask him to preach, if he'll promise not to talk to us like he writes about us.

It does take "air" to run the "Lufkin Diocese," and some of it is pretty "hot." Air and heat move quite regularly around here. I usually preach three times on Sundays and teach a large Bible class. Two of the sermons are broadcast from the auditorium. Then there is a daily broadcast and classes through the week. Bill Thompson does a lot of preaching and teaching, here and around. The church pays for the printing and mailing of about four thousand copies of Ancient Landmarks, throughout this area, mainly to people who are not Christians. It contains selected articles of an evangelistic nature. It is a monthly paper. Luke Miller, who is supported by the Lufkin church, recently held "a mission meeting" for the Negroes in a nearby town, baptized twenty some odd and established a church. He is preaching and baptizing constantly. We have a tent, which has had, and is still having, a lot of preaching done under it, by us

and brethren we lend it to. It does take "abundance" of gas, air and heat to "fly" a program like that. Possibly, the editor of the Gospel Advocate would like us better and say nicer things about us, if we contributed a few dollars per month to some "sponsoring" church, and did nothing else—much. Anyhow, if he'll come down and look us over, we believe he will like us—a little anyhow.