Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 13, 1950

Kermit, Texashoulton, Maine

Geo. True Baker, Kermit, Texas

In recent months the state of Maine has proved to be one of the most rapidly developing mission fields in the continental United States. It was for this reason that the church in Kermit, Texas, brought brother Marvin R. Martin of Bangor, Maine, to Texas for discussion with reference to establishing the cause in some Maine community where no church now exists. Brother Martin has been working with the Bangor church and its preacher for three years. He has been active in the general work in the state of Maine. He has been willing to go where there was a need for his services. He is finishing the University of Maine and will now devote full time to preaching the gospel.

After reviewing with brother Martin the general picture of the work in Maine and considering several points that seem ready for working, the elders of the Kermit church decided to oversee brother Martin in Houlton, Maine. There is no church in Houlton. It is a city of about 8,500 population and is the trading center for a rich agricultural district. The Kermit church is not able at present to give brother Martin the support he needs. It will supply a greater part of the support and in the future will be able to pay his entire salary. Since no church building exists in Houlton a building will need to be provided soon. Brother Martin needs a typewriter and a duplicating machine now. He will begin his work in Houlton July 1 and is now trying to locate living quarters for his family. If any of the readers of this article are interested in doing mission work where it will show results and where souls seem to be hungry for the truth, we urge that you write the Kermit church or Marvin R. Martin, 7 West Park Street, Bangor, Maine. Support may be sent direct to brother Martin. He in turn will account to the Kermit church, or you may send your support to Kermit and it will be forwarded to brother Martin. The position of the Kermit church is that of standing behind the Houlton work until it is established on a solid basis. We believe this the Scriptural and practical way to do mission work.