Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 25, 1968
NUMBER 50, PAGE 1-2a

Where I Belong, I Think

William E. Wallace

I've grown up with The Gospel Guardian. I began preaching about the time of its birth. It has come to my box regularly for nearly twenty years. I began writing for it in 1952 and every volume since then has articles from my pen.

I cannot deny that The Gospel Guardian has been an important influence in my life, I don't want to deny it, I'm not ashamed of it.

In those difficult days when The Gospel Guardian was the only major publication holding the line against institutional and organizational encroachments, I was taught and encouraged to stability and soundness by those who wrote for it.

I have sometimes been discouraged or disappointed, even disgusted by some policies or procedures; often in disagreement with articles, yet always appreciative of what The Gospel Guardian means to the "propagation and defense of New Testament Christianity." No other paper among us has served so well in such crucial and critical times as has The Gospel Guardian, and no other paper has matched its influence in the fight against institutional and cooperative innovations. This is not to disparage the quite noble accomplishments of other major publications. This is to state facts about the only major national weekly available to brethren who resist unscriptural institutional and cooperative projects.

I hope these statements of appreciation for The Gospel Guardian do not appear competitive in thrust. They are not intended to be so. I am proud of all major publications which stand against innovation and for New Testament authority. But I'm especially proud of The Gospel Guardian, glad to have had the privilege of writing regularly for it, and now happy to have something to do with promoting and serving it.

I first became aware of editor Yater Tant in my boyhood days, when he preached regularly for my home congregation — 10th and Francis in Oklahoma City. He was a frequent visitor in Wallace home. Since 1953 we have been close in friendship, true in brotherhood. He hasn't always suited me just right, and like all the rest of us he has shown the human inclination to be something less than perfect, yet Yater Tant has meant more to the cause of soundness than perhaps any of us realize. But I won't speak an eulogy for him now. I could well do so, but there will be a time for that, and I hope that time is a long time away — and so does he!

It is a pleasure to be associated with editor Tant in this Gospel Guardian work. We've got lots of ideas and plans. There will be some changes and improvements appearing which you will note and like — changes and improvements Tant and Wallace will come up with, as they work together. Yes, I think you'll like the changes and improvements, and I know I'm going to like having a part in making them. So, tune in with The Gospel Guardian. You'll benefit from what you see...and read.

Yes, I think I am where I belong — I feel at home with The Gospel Guardian, and I hope you feel like The Gospel Guardian belongs with you. I trust that it will have a regular weekly place in your life, in your home. I belong with it, and I hope it belongs with you.

In the past I have found it necessary to turn down numerous requests for meetings due to priority obligations to local work. But come August 1, I will be working out of The Gospel Guardian office and will be free to hold more meetings. You may write me at what I hope will be my address for a long, long time to come — Box 470, Lufkin, Texas 75901.