Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 21, 1968


Floyd D. Chappelear - 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486 Preacher Needed

"Small congregation in the Dallas area is in need of either a full or part time preacher. Anyone interested please write to: Winona Gardens Church of Christ 407 N. Cedar Ridge Dr., Duncanville, Texas 75116."

"A gospel preacher is sorely needed in Hobbs, New Mexico to labor with the southside church of Christ, meeting at 1720 South Turner Street.

We are the only scriptural congregation in Lea County, New Mexico, the southeast corner of the state. The estimated population of Hobbs is in excess of thirty thousand people.

We have about twenty faithful members with four men, and representing some ten or twelve families.

This congregation was started in the Spring of 1960, built a meeting house and purchased a house for the preacher in the Fall of 1963.

We have been without a regular full-time preacher for about three years now, and we will continue to "carry on" as long as we can.

At this time, we can offer a preacher a three bedroom house and utilities, and hope of some support from other congregations that have indicated some interest in the work here in Hobbs.

Anyone interested and in position to be of any help to us, is requested to write the Southside church of Christ, Box 13, Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240, or contact the writer of this letter. Neil Youngblood, 1524 W. Birch, Lovington, New Mexico 88260, Telephone 396-5275.

Pennocks Return To Nigeria

The Lord willing, my family and I will return to Nigeria this coming summer. The decision was made rather reluctantly, for the adoption of our two youngest is not yet final. However, the lawyer assures me that this matter will be finalized before the end of February; and with this problem out of the way, all legitimate reasons for not going are removed and all that remains are excuses. Excuses are easily made, but hard to live with. Indeed, the urgent need for someone to go, plus the lack of willingness on the part of most brethren to go, has left us with no choice. From a personal standpoint it would be desirable to give the younger children more time for adjustment here, before confronting them with the adjustments of Africa, but some things must take precedence over personal considerations. The Lord's cause in Western Nigeria is just such a thing. Someone must go! and Martha and I thank God for making it possible for us to go.

The need for us to go is at present most urgent. The Diestelkamp's and Gay's are due to return to the U. S. this summer. These families have been in Nigeria during an extremely trying period, and both need and deserve to be relieved. The Diestelkamp's especially must come home soon. Both brother and sister Diestelkamp have experieced a great deal of ill health while in Nigeria this time; and it appears that leaving Nigeria and the tropics, is the only positive step toward better health open to them. They need to come home immediately — if not sooner. We must go, and we must go as soon as possible!

Brethren, we cannot go without your financial help. The brethren in Nigeria have emphasized that since the outbreak of civil war the cost of living has spiraled and is still going up. Consequently, we have set our sights on $600 per month regular support, realizing that it might be necessary to increase that amount at a future time. $125 per month will be needed for rent and another $100 per month for tracts, office supplies, postage, rest houses and other expenses connected with the work. In addition to this regular monthly income, it will be necessary to raise $8,000 to cover travel expenses (both going and coming included in this figure); shipping of personal effects to and returning them from Nigeria, as well as transportation while there. Brethren, we need your help and we need it now! Many of you had fellowship with us in this good work before, and I am confident that many of will desire to have fellowship with us again. We are willing to go — indeed, by the grace of God we will go! Are you willing to send once again unto our needs? If you or the church where you worship is not able to assist regularly, perhaps you might help with the travel fund? Let us hear from you, and remember to pray for the work and the brethren in Nigeria. For further information feel free to contact me or any of the following: Leslie Diestelkamp, P. O. Box 498, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria; James L. Gay, P. O. Box 4064 - UCI, Ibadan, Nigeria; Paul Earnhart, 908 Charlotte St., St. Paul, Minn.; Robert E. Speer, 1932 South Weller, Springfield, Mo.

George Pennock. 720 Shelborn Drive, Owensboro, Kentucky.

John W. Pitman, Box 272, Mtn. View, Arkansas, 72560. "We are looking forward to doing a good work with the church in Mtn. View. We were sure of $320.00 per month and our house and bills paid when we came here. Since our coming, we have promise of $50.00 per month to go with our present support. We need $100.00 per month to make our support up to enough that we can work with the church here. We believe the church here can fill in some of the needed support within a year. We will be willing to furnish information if needed to any church that desires to help us preach the gospel in Mtn. View.

"We have over 50 in attendance. The work started here in 1965, under a tent with 17 present, since then 11 have been baptized. A part of the building has been built which will later be used for classes. The room we now meet in will seat 80. The rest of the building is under construction and we hope to be using it in the summer.

"If coming our way worship with the Lord's church, East Side of town on Highway 14."

E. Paul Price, 1032 Elmore Drive, Borger, Texas, 79007. "I will be with the Southside church of Christ in Duncan, Oklahoma, April 1-7. Brother David Bonner is the preacher there in Duncan. A. C. Grider is to be with the church here, Franklin & Juniper Sts., May 6-12 for a gospel meeting.

Jack Gilbert, 19th Ave. S. & Conway Highway R. R. No. 1, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "The church at Myrtle Beach continues to grow though slowly of late. We began with 8 in attendance in Jan. of 1965 and have averaged 35 in attendance so far this month. This is a most trying and difficult area, the nearest faithful congregation to us is Charleston (95 miles). We are planning a meeting with Paul Johnson of Abbeville, S. C. April 8-14. For the first time since we began we have managed to buy radio time on WLAT in Conway, S. C. Brother Johnson and I are going to put on a daily 15 minute "Bible Talk" program in which we will solicit listeners to call in to the station any Bible questions they may have and we will attempt to answer them.

"As of March I am losing some of my support which will bring my total support down to $410 per month. I feel I need $500 to maintain myself. We have received only $440 a month for the past year and it has presented some trying times. If any congregation would be interested in this work I would appreciate their contacting me.

C.R. Holland, 1012 Fourth Street, Bremerton, Washington, 98310. "Brother Thurston Kimbrell has been the minister here until he was forced to retire because of illness. Therefore, we are now looking for a gospel preacher to work with the congregation here. We have an average attendance of about 85. Any preacher desiring to come to the Northwest, to do the work of a gospel preacher, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please address all correspondence to the above address.

Elvis Bozarth, 3679 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60651; Some weeks ago an appeal was made for individual contributions to the church in Albilion, Michigan to enable them to make a $1,000 down payment on a meeting house. It is with gratitude and rejoicing that we can report the goal was exceeded by enough to enable them to install a baptistry. In excess of $ 1,500 was received and acknowledgments have been made directly to all donors. The brethren are meeting in their new building at 214 East Chestnut.