Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 7, 1968
NUMBER 43, PAGE 6b-7a


Floyd D. Chappelear — 1101 Dyson - West Columbia, Texas 77486

Bill Miller, P. O. Box 170, Angleton, Texas, 77515; I will be with the church in Chipley, Florida. Feb. 19-25, in a series of gospel meetings. Joe Scarborough, will preach in a gospel meeting for the church on Kiber St. in Angleton, March 11-17. Brother Scarborough lives in Dickinson, Texas.

M. Roy Stevens, 105 Smith, Clute. Texas; We have lived and worked with the church in Clute now for one year. During this time we have had five baptisms, and have increased our outside support To $150.00 per month. Homer Hailey, Tampa, Florida, will be with us in a gospel meeting August 12-21.

Harry Pickup, Jr., will be in a meeting with the Drew Park church, Tampa, Florida, for a gospel meeting beginning Feb. 25 thru March 2. "He will preach the Bible as the verbally inspired word of God, not a collection of myths and folklore." (Drew Park bulletin, Bill Matthews and Fred Newman editors.)

Roger M. Hendrick, 106 Fairview Dr., Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 38474; As suggested in a previous issue of this paper (The Locust Light), we are going to conduct two gospel meetings here this year rather than one. The first of these is scheduled for May 6-12. Brother Maurice Barnett, a personable individual and capable preacher, of Phoenix, Arizona will be the speaker during this effort.

Philip R. Morgan, Iglesias De Cristo, Clasificador 1154, Santiago. Chile; On January 3rd we had a pleasant trip back to Chile and were welcomed at the airport by 20 Christians.

The adjustment and work of the first month back have caused us all to be ill, and we ask for your prayers that we may soon be well.

Recently 5 people have been added to the Diez de Julio church. They are a couple and 3 teenage boys, representing 3 different families.

The attendance at all services averages 50. This represents a 100% increase since we moved into our own building 15 months ago. It is wonderful to think that we were away for 8 months without an American replacement and yet the work maintained its steady increase.

Glenn Melton, Box 113, Highlands, Texas 77562; We have moved to Highlands from Rosenburg, Texas, and like the new work very much. We have a gospel meeting coming up here with Herman Sargent, Greenville, Texas, doing the preaching. The dates are March 11-17.

James Trigg, 1605 W. Irving, Blvd., Irving, Texas 75060; Our meeting is just six weeks away — March 18-24, with bro. Jack Kirby preaching.

Jere Frost, 890 Hastings Street, Orlando, Florida, 32808; Our spring meeting is just ahead — March 10-17. Gene Frost of Cullman, Alabama is to be with us.

James L. Denison, Box 481, High Springs, Fla., 32643. Jan. 26, 1968.

The Santa Fe Hills congregation had three Gospel Meetings in 1967. One four-day meeting in January — myself preaching; one in April with Bro. James Rodgers of Freeport, Texas. Our Sunday Morning attendance in 1967 averaged about 60. We had 11 additions last year.

Santa Fe Hills came into existence several years ago because of unscriptural practices and positions, as well as restrictions against preaching the "whole gospel," in the Alachua and High Springs congregations. Thus, the prejudice against us is very strong. It is extremely unusual when a member from one of these two liberal congregations will attend our services — even during a meeting. Misrepresentations of our practices and teachings have been made by some. To offset these things, in June, 1967, we began publication of a weekly bulletin with a mailing list of about 150. We later made this a bi-weekly bulletin. It now has a mailing list of over 400.

We located 2 miles N. W. of Alachua on U. W. 441, just beyond Interstate 75. When traveling in our vicinity, worship with us.