Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 8, 1968

The Reality Of Reality

Floyd D. Chappelear

In this enlightened age we are saddened to realize that so many of our young people have never learned to face life as it is. Our children are too many times reared in such a sheltered environment that they never really learn to cope with life's many problems on their own, but must constantly cling to the apron strings of mother. Our offspring are not allowed the challenge of discovery and experimentation. For fear they may hurt themsleves (an understandable fear) the child is restricted and restrained so very much that when faced with a very real crisis he is unable to find a proper solution.

For this reason, one of the leading causes of death among college-students is suicide. Faced with obstacles he has never before encountered, he is hopelessly lost in a maze of confusion and internal strife brought on by his never having solved a problem for himself before. The sheltering of his personal feeling of helplessness which later contributes to his desire for self-destruction. In other words, he has never before been allowed to experience the reality of reality.

Parents who must give everything to a child that the child may desire are actually helping to place that child in a world of fantasy. A world in which everything is good, everything is free, and everything is easily attained. (Sometimes not so easily attained. In the case of some children, they may have to shed a few tears or throw a temper tantrum.) In any case, such a parent is rearing, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally matters not, a future "beatnik." A child who believes the world owes him something whether he works and earns it or not. Again, such a child has never faced the reality of reality.

Parents, let us love our children, but let us help them to grow up in this troubled world with a sense of self-confidence and self-dependence. Each child needs to realize that he can, and must, contribute to his own future destiny.

Fathers, take that boy of yours out into the woods and let him live for a while under the stars. Let him enjoy an environment where he must build his own fire, prepare his own bed, and cook his own food. Quit coddling him and make a man out of him.

Mothers, put an apron on your little girl and get her into the kitchen helping you. There are many tasks your daughter can fulfill. If nothing else, she can learn the value of helping you wash the dishes.

And above all, sit down with your children and read to them the Bible. Of all the things you can do with and for your children, there is nothing more important than instilling in them a love for and an appreciation of the Word of God. In so doing, you will be showing them the reality of reality.

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