Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 1, 1968
NUMBER 38, PAGE 5c-6

The Passing Parade

Confusing the Good News. For nearly two thousand years it has been generally understood that the primary task of Christians is to proclaim the "good news" of redemption through Christ. Now, however, a new voice is heard in the land (and it's tones are becoming loud and strident even among churches of Christ.) The new voice states flatly that "good works" rather than "good news" should be the primary concern of those who follow the Nazarene. We believe the choice is not "either, or" but rather "both, and." But the "good news" must ALWAYS have the preeminence. The social gospel would relegate it to the background — the far distant background!

"Associate members." The Assemblies of God, largest of the world's Pentecostal denominations recently gave official sanction to a new classification "associate membership" for those who have "made a commitment to Christ but are too young to be voting members." Reminds us of the time when some of the liberal Christian Churches began to have "associate members" — those who regularly worshipped with them, but had never been baptized. From that it was a simple and easy step to combine the two lists — and open membership had arrived.

The "Lewis Special." Quite a few congregations wrote us in advance to reserve them copies of the "Lewis Special" which we printed last week. We printed only a few thousand extras (in addition to the ones already ordered), so if you want one, or a hundred, it would be well to order now. Prices are: 25 cents per single copy; $10.00 per fifty; $15.00 per one hundred. John T. Lewis was a man truly unique among us. His towering influence for good will keep his memory bright in the hearts of all those who know and love the Lord whom he served.

Let's go modern. After scrimping along all his life, the man had inherited a small piece of land.

Shortly thereafter, oil was discovered on his new property. "Now that we've struck it rich," he told his wife excitedly, "we'll go out and buy some decent clothes." "Oh, no we won't.", she retorted "I've worn decent clothes all my life. Now I want to dress like the other women!"

Another "Special" coming soon. In about six weeks (toward the end of March) we are bringing out another "special" of the Gospel Guardian; an entire issue devoted to the music with which Christians are to praise God. Joe Furr, preacher for the Judson Road Church in Longview, Texas, has agreed to edit this issue for us. He has already spent much time in getting together some excellent articles — covering many phases of church music: interpretation of hymns, suggestions on selection of songs, ideas for developing capable song leaders; stories of some of the great hymns; and a variety of other subjects which will be highly interesting and helpful. Brother Furr, who teaches each year in the fine school conducted at Sabinal, Texas, by his father, Edgar Furr and an extremely capable faculty of co-workers, has given some study to the possibility of publishing a regular periodical dealing with this field. Any of our readers who would have a special interest in a periodical of this kind might write him at Box 545, Longview, Texas 75601.

Impact of IMPAC. And now the comments start coming in about our new personal evangelism program, "IMPAC" Well, we knew it was good -but not THAT good! We are happy, of course. And we believe that when faithfully used the IMPAC program will be highly effective in motivating and training individual Christians in winning their friends to Christ. Also the beautiful new IMPAC New Testament album is just beginning to be widely distributed. It's reception is, if anything, even more enthusiastic than the "personal evangelism" program. The New Year has started in a most beautiful way...

"And in conclusion". We have published two geometric designs which propose to set forth "the liberal mind." Brother Darwin Kerr of Lufkin, Texas, has now given us the design to end all such designs. And if Brooks Webb can reproduce it on this page, it will follow right here: F.Y.T.

Inquiries concerning the mounting of the Trichotometric Indicator Support indicate that some difficulty is being experienced with the brackets which attach the support. As an aid toward fabricating the support brackets, the accompanying illustration is provided to show the type of material as well as the dimensional data needed. It will be noted that in attaching the bracket to the support, a special ambihelical hexnut is used. The application of this nut is unique in that any attempt to remove it in the conventional manner only tightens it. Because of this design, the nut must be fully screwed on before it can be screwed off.