Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 4, 1968

More Liberal Than Most Liberals

John Allen Thurman

The liberal congregation of the Church of Christ in Lake City has added one more, more liberal "innovation" or congregational support to an ever increasing list of unscriptural and "denominational" list of human innovations. The church in question already has a church kitchen which on Sunday is often used as a classroom, the members had formerly provided other members of the church the Lord's Supper at their convenience in the Hunting Camp, the church regularly announced and supported a ball team for members and their children, the minister some time ago joined the Columbia County Ministerial Association and accepted a position as Secretary of the much publicized body who control many religious activities in the community as well as radio programs, and the church is presently standing behind sister churches of Christ who endorse and support by philosophy or deed the congregational support of human institutions.

Now the church has added one more "denominational" practice. This week, the Columbia County Ministerial Association, which includes the church's minister, sponsored a film by Billy Graham called "THE RESTLESS ONES", considered to be one of the more outstanding films in presenting the teenage crisis today. Billy Graham appears and talks throughout the film and extends an invitation, at its conclusion, as he also does at his worldwide crusades. Before and after the film books and records are sold. The records are the musical scores of the production; whereas the book emphasized the World Aflame by Billy Graham. In addition to this a $1.00 admission charge is made to see the film, even though advertisements claimed it was free.

One of the most "denominational" aspects presented to the public at large is the support and participation of the liberal church. Not only was the film publicly announced at worship services, but members, including an elder of the church, was seen taking up tickets at one of the showings.

How can our brethren have progressed so liberally and denominational in such a short period of time? Who among us would allow Billy Graham to speak in our absence or allow him to extend a "partial" Gospel invitation to those outside the fold of Christ? Or how much less of the scriptures and wisdom, of our liberal ministers would members allow a supposed minister of the Gospel to join a ministerial association even? It is time for us to wake up and to let our erring brothers-in-Christ know of the error in these troubled times. Let us ever be sure that we in everything follow "IN HIS STEPS."

- Lake City, Florida