Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 23, 1967
NUMBER 29, PAGE 6b-7a


From: Elvis Bozarth, 3679 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60651.

Item 1: The Church of Christ, 1702 Davitt St., Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan is in need of a gospel preacher immediately. The church has a small two-bedroom apartment joined to the meeting house but would rent a larger place if needed. Thus quarters and utilities would be furnished. Support would have to be raised but we believe this can be done.

The church is small in number but has a good nucleus of young servicemen. However, the air base is being slowly closed and the service personnel could leave at any time. This is the urgency.

In addition to the work at Soo, Michigan, there are four churches in Canada whose pulpits are open to the preaching of the truth. They are all within 60 miles. Each church has some liberal thinkers and liberal preachers are also allowed to preach in meetings, etc.

I have been personally close to this work for three years and believe there are many fine opportunities in that area. George Pennock and Rolland Fritz, who were there two years and three years respectively, did good work. Herschel Davis, who was there last winter, did the cause much harm. No preacher has lived among them since March.

Item 2: Carol Bates, 1034 S. Garden Ct., Flint, Michigan 48503, wants to go back into full time work as an evangelist. The church at Gingelville, Michigan (near Pontiac) has invited him to move there the first of the year and can support him $50.00 monthly. He has been promised $100 more and will still need $500 more.

Carol has been in secular work the past year and the year before that he did full time work with the Central church in Flint, Michigan. Carol is a young man with two children. He was trained in preaching by his father-in-law, the esteemed Ralph Givens, now of Susanville, California.

I have worked with Carol in meetings and observed his work. I believe he is worthy of support and so commend him to brethren everywhere.

Item 3: Ray Warren, who preaches for the Albion, Michigan church is in need of additional support. He has been receiving $550 monthly, of which $70 was paid by the local church. During this time the church met in his home. This house has been sold and he had to move to the country. The church will now have to use its money to rent a place to meet. In addition to the $70 I believe that Ray needs more support. Inflation affects preachers like everyone else and unless a man gets periodic raises to keep up with price increases, he actually is reduced in pay. If some church could take up $100 monthly or any part of that, please write to Ray at 7710 23 Mile Rd., Homer, Michigan.

Ray began preaching in 1963 while still in the Army at El Paso, Texas. He preached while engaged in secular work for the Solano Drive church of Las Cruces, N.M. for several months, fulltime with the church at Belen, N.M. a few months, fifteen months with the church at Medina, Tenn., and has been in Albion since September, 1966. He does good work and is worthy of support.