Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 9, 1967


Calvin D Allen

Payne's to Africa Dear Brethren:

Just a few lines to let you know that after so long a delay we are finally getting off to Nigeria. We will be leaving from Memphis, Tenn. the 30th of this month. We certainly do appreciate your running our article and notices of our needs. We still lack about $150 a month on support but have acquired enough in lump sums to supply this for a few months, and we are going on. If you will place this news in the Guardian, and also that the meeting here at 506 S. Front St. is looking for a man to preach as of now, and they would appreciate any help you can give in locating someone. Thank you again for your help.

Your brother in Christ, Wayne L. Payne

New Congregation A new congregation standing for the New Testament order of work and worship began meeting on the first Sunday of October at the Maple Ave. Community Center, 914 Maple Ave., in Rome, Georgia. Their main worship service is at 3:00 and the bible class meets at 2:00. Various preachers from the North Georgia area will be doing the speaking until other arrangements are made. A full time man could do some real good work in that area but he would need to have full outside support. The brother to get in touch with is: Donald Holmes, 8 Kings Court, Rome, Georgia.