Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 2, 1967
NUMBER 26, PAGE 6c,9

News Notes About Folks & Facts ...

Joe W. Pruett, 3259 Greendale Road, Birmingham, Alabama. "During August and September two were baptized as a result of a Bible Class in their home; one was restored and one placed membership here at Cahaba Heights congregation."

Floyd Thompson of Santa Ana, California, is to hold a meeting with the church in Torrance (2051 West 236th Street) the week of November 6-12. A former Oklahoman, Brother Thompson has been in California for more than thirty years, and is well known and highly respected as a faithful proclaimer of the word.

Yater Tant of Lufkin, Texas, is to be in a "five night special" meeting with the church at Lewisville, Texas, the week of November 6-10. emphasizing personal evangelism. He is also conducting the same sort of short meeting in Macon, Georgia, later this fall; and recently concluded such a series at Huntington November 26-December 3.

Roy E. Cogdill of Orlando, Florida will return to Mound and Starr congregation in Nacogdoches, Texas, for a gospel meeting the week of November 12-19. Brother Cogdill formerly worked with this congregation as local preacher, and has held a number of meetings with them. James W. Adams is presently serving as local preacher there. Harold Tabor is working with the Mound and Starr church as teacher in the Bible Chair of Stephen F. Austin State College.

There have been three baptisms recently in the church at Humble, Texas, where Herbert Thornton, Jr. is preaching, also one restoration and six to place membership. Brother Thornton has been with this congregation slightly over three years, and steady progress has marked the entire period. The Humble church is fully supporting Brother Melquiades Dominquex in Tijuana, Mexico, and is helping support Brother Earl Pickle in Conroe, Texas.

Preacher Needed

The good church at Mulvane, Kansas, is interested in getting in contact with a faithful gospel preacher who might be interested in moving there to work with them. If anyone is interested, you may correspond with Brother George H. Wright, 306 N. Second St. Mulvane, Kansas 67110. Brother Jesse Wiseman has previously worked with this church.

Also needing a preacher is the faithful little group at Savanna, Oklahoma. Brother John M. Wilson has been laboring with them, but has moved. This is a small church, but faithful and zealous. They cannot fully support a man, but are able to supply a good three bed-room house, and give $150.00 per month toward his support. Anyone interested may write to E. E. Sturgeon, P.O. Box 102, Savanna, Oklahoma.

New Church In Torrance

Charles F. House, P. O. Box 641, San Luis, Arizona 85349. "Torrance, California, a suburb of 150,000 within the confines of the greater Los Angeles area, has Spanish people scattered all around. As the Torrance bulletin of July 16th indicated, and which you received, I preached this date to the Angle church in Torrance. This group consists of some that formerly met in a rented store building where I preached 13 years ago at Lomita, Calif. (the next town adjoining). The brethren now have their own fine building which they graciously offered to me. I could use it during the hours that it would not conflict with their services in English. After many details and personal work had been taken care of, a small group met for the first time on Sun. July 30th at 2p.m. for Bible Study, and for a total of four Sundays in succession. We met in the same building where I preached July 16th to five people of Mexican descent, who were in the regular audience of whites in the a.m. service. Three of these were non-christians and two were christians who are still out of duty."

New Congregation In Lufkin, Texas

A new congregation has been started in Lufkin, Texas, to be known as the "Loop 287 Church." Their meeting place is on Loop 287 south of the city, and their first service was held the last week in September. Plans are being developed to provide a permanent meeting place, and to move forward with an aggressive program of work in this new area. The nucleus of the new congregation is made up of members who formerly worshipped with Union Road congregation in Lufkin.

New Congregation Established In Temple, Texas

There is a new conservative work begun in Temple, Texas. If you know of anyone who is conservative and is interested in attending a conservative congregation, please mail their names and addresses to: Robert Taylor, 1313 Forest Drive, Belton, Texas 76513. This congregation is now being formed and will be meeting in some of the member's homes, until a proper meeting can be furnished. If you know of anyone in this area interested, please write to Brother Taylor.

H. Osby Weaver of Orange, California, is scheduled for a meeting with the Scyene Road congregation in Dallas, Texas, the week of November 5-12. Preacher for the Scyene Road congregation is Arnold Hardin. Brother Hardin was to have preached in Canada during much of the month of October.

After four years and seven months with the Wendell Avenue church in Louisville, Kentucky, Frank Jamerson was to have moved this week to Cordele, Georgia, to work with the Cordele congregation. His address: 913 E. 17th Avenue, Cordele, Georgia

Leslie Diestelkamp, P. O. Box 498 Yaba, Nigeria: "Altogether there are now 14 congregations in Lagos State, about 17 or 18 in the Western State, and about 14 in the Mid-west State, making about 45 existing in that part of Nigeria west of the Niger River. About 19 or 20 native preachers devote full time to gospel work, and perhaps; six or seven other men devote a great deal of their time to evangelism. Besides this, many, many brethren are fully capable of preaching and teaching the word, and do so as the need and opportunity arises."

Harold Comer P. O. Box 136, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia 4670: "I don't believe that anyone would go overseas who did not believe that the prospects of achievement were greater than the effort involved. I came 'down under' feeling that it would be worthwhile. Yet, after seeing the work here. I have a much greater joy at the prospects ahead. They are greater than I had thought and though I do expect some slow periods and hard times occasionally in the next three years, I can't help but go into them with anticipation. I'm glad I am here!"

Gene Tope box 519, Krugersdore. Republic of South Africa: "I am now back in South Africa, and getting settled down and back into the work. It is good to be back with the brethren here, and we are hoping to see some good growth in the next few years.

The church in Lewisville, Texas, has scheduled a "five night special" study series on Personal Evangelism with Yater Tant conducting the meetings. It will meet Monday through Friday evenings, November 6-10, at 7:30 o'clock. While the series is designed particularly for the members of this congregation, other Christians who are interested will be welcome to attend.