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October 12, 1967

Oldest Jaw Of Man

Tom O. Bunting

An Associated Press release date line, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, August 20, 1967. "The discovery of a jaw of a human believed to have lived one and a half million years ago was announced Friday by the Ethiopian Institute of Archaeology."

Although I do not accept the theoretical date of 1-1/2 million years ago, there is an important observation. In the archaeological field of study they continue to find the remains of humans which by their own admission moves them ever closer and closer to the dates given by scientists for the beginning of all creatures. The discoveries of science and in particular archaeology and anthropology point ever closer and closer to a time where the beginning of man and the beginning of all other creatures coincide. Without going into a discussion as to the merits of their means of arriving at these dates but permitting them to use their methods of dating their discoveries and by using the same methods for all of the fossil remains; they by their own admissions are ever pointing to the same general beginning. Apparently man had the same beginning in time as all the creatures. The beginning of man coincided with the beginning of all plants and animals.

This has science agreeing fully with the Bible account of creation. For in the book of Genesis we are told that the creation of all kinds of plants and animals and man took place within a period of six days. (Genesis 1).

- Nathandsveien 84, Bergen, Norway.