Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 5, 1967
NUMBER 22, PAGE 4-5b



At long, LONG last we are ready with IMPAC. As these lines are being written all materials are in the hands of the printers and recording company, work is in process; and we have the assurance that by the time this issue of the Gospel Guardian is in the mail the IMPAC programs will be ready for distribution. (See advertisement, back page, this issue.)

So we think it is time to give an explanation. IMPAC is a coined word. You will not find it in the dictionary. It stands for "Intensive meditation, planning, action, conversions!" This is a thumb-nail description of the nature, method and results of what we believe is going to be one of the most sensational new developments in the field of personal evangelism in our generation. There are books and manuals and work-sheets by the score on the market dealing with all phases of "personal evangelism." But IMPAC is different. It is the ONLY program which actually involves the individual in DOING the work. Otter courses and other plans and other books tell you HOW; this one actually sets you to doing the work. In easy to follow, step by step assignments, each day's activities are outlined. Each day's goal is one that can be attained; and each day builds on the days that went before.

The delays and postponements in the production of this new program have been most frustrating. Actually, work has been in progress on it for more than three years. Every single phase and activity has been "field-tested", revised, re-worked, reviewed, reexamined, and then tested again. Now IT IS READY TO GO!

Briefly, what we are doing in this project is to bring the old, old Biblical concepts of meditation, spaced repetition, and practical execution to bear on the modern generation in the field of PERSONAL EVANGELISM. All thoughtful students have long since recognized that only a bare fraction of those who are baptized into Christ ever make any serious effort at all to win others to Him. Whatever the reason - timidity, feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection - it is simply a fact that modern Christians, generally, do NOT behave like those Jerusalem Christians did when "every day, in the temple and at home, they ceased not to teach and to preach Jesus as the Christ." But this new IMPAC program is designed to change that - and for every person who will conscientiously follow it, it WILL bring results! We are so very certain of that that we are giving a bona-fide "Money Back Guarantee" to every person who follows the course in good faith. Either he is satisfied, or he gets his money back! And he is the sole judge.

By the miracle of electronic recordings we can compress into a few systematically planned hours of "meditation" the same results and mental and spiritual conditioning that our fore-fathers achieved by "day and night meditation" (Psalm 1.) And by "spaced repetition" these mental sets, emotions, and patterns become the very warp and woof of one's emotional, intellectual, and spiritual life. Truly, in the words of David, the word of God is "laid up in the HEART." And, being laid up in the heart, this word of God flows easily, naturally, and inevitably into every phase and facet of one's daily life - and "personal evangelism" becomes a normal, easy, EVERYDAY expression of one's commitment to Christ.

How much is a soul worth? What value do YOU put on a soul? Well, obviously each of us will have some one whom we love more than others. With God all souls are of equal value; but each one of us has some loved one, some relative, some friend for whom we are praying, whose eternal destiny weighs heavily upon our heart. Are you willing to spend the TIME, the THOUGHT, and the EFFORT to win that one to Christ? Do you CARE ENOUGH to sacrifice a few hours of your time to do so? If so, we can help you with IMPAC -- and if, after following instructions carefully, you are not fully satisfied that the program is worth all it cost you, and much, much more, we will refund your money!

We offer our apology to a great many people who wrote in following our announcements last summer. We had thought at that time we would be ready to go by August 1, or not later than September 1. But delays seemed unavoidable; and in a project of such proportions as this, one minor problem might halt the whole production schedule for days at a time. But now we are ready!!

We hope shortly to have brochures that will give full and complete details as to the nature of this marvelous new "break-through" in the field of personal soul saving. But until they are ready, we will just have to rely on the pages of the Gospel Guardian, on personal letters, and person-to-person contact. Actually, this last named is the best way to learn about it. Many brethren have known of this project for quite a while, and we have given brief descriptive explanations of it in a great many churches during the past months, and, of course, will continue to do so at every opportunity.

This is NOT a course of study for a church or a class. It is not even a "course of study" for an individual. But the whole plan of the program is for individual (rather than class or congregational) use; and it can be utilized in .the privacy of one's own home, and on a schedule to suit one's own convenience and needs.

You have to SEE it and USE it before you can even begin to realize the immense power of this IMPAC program of "Successful Soul Saving." But you can take our word for it, friend; this course packs "dynamite" - the "dynamis" .of that gospel which Paul described as "God's power to save!"

-F. Y. T.