Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 31, 1967
NUMBER 17, PAGE 6-7a


Clyde O. Moore; 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas 75901

On July 23rd two were baptized at Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City... The last Sunday in June two were baptized into Christ at the Downtown church in Lawrenceburg, Tenn... One was baptized June 11 at Butler, Mo... One was baptized during a recent meeting at Campbellsville, Kentucky... During a meeting at the South Side church, Youngstown, Ohio, there was one baptism. C. D. Plum did the preaching in the meeting... The last Sunday in June one was baptized at the Fairview church, Garden Grove, California... On May 31st one was baptized at Venice, California... During April five were baptized into Christ at the Riviera Street church, El Paso, Texas On June 11th one was baptized at the Riverside Drive church, Nashville, Tenn... One June 7th one was baptized at the Huffman church, Birmingham, Alabama... Three were baptized the first Sunday in July at Expressway, Louisville, Kentucky... During a July meeting at the church in Lilborn, Mo. , there were two baptisms... On July 13th one was baptized at the West Side church, Irving, Texas. During the last two years there have been 38 baptisms... On July 17th one was baptized into Christ at the Paris Ave. church, Peoria, Ill... Recently one was baptized at the Southside church, Kansas City, Mo... On July 2nd one was baptized into Christ at the Annandale church, Springfield, Va...One was baptized recently at the Southeast church, Akron, Ohio... On June 20th one was baptized at the Main and Gay church, Glade-water, Texas... In recent weeks two have been bap tined at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Mo. Three have been baptized since January at Pretoria, South Africa.


In view of the plans of Paul K. Williams to begin work in South Africa soon, we want to give our fellow laborer in the gospel our endorsement, good will and Godspeed.

Brother Williams has worked in the Indianapolis area for four years and it has been our pleasure to be associated with him in this locality. Our acquaintance with Brother Williams convinces us that he is well equipped in maturity, knowledge and ability for the kind of work he seeks to do in South Africa. His wife and his five boys will be assets to him in the work of saving souls in the difficult field in which he has chosen to serve.

We are pleased to commend brother Williams to churches and individuals who may be in a position to assist him in his travel fund and salary for the work in South Africa. We commend him to you as a sound, energetic and capable preacher of the gospel who will be worthy and honest effort for the cause of Christ in the African continent.

Wm. E. Wallace Wm. H. Lewis J. Frank Ingram Harold Tabor

L.A. Stauffer Cecil Willis John. W. Gerrard Raymond Harris

Gene Warman

Preachers Move

Bill Cain has moved to the Northside church in Greenwood, Arkansas.

Ross O. Spears has moved from Mustang, Okla. , to Montrose, Missouri. He is available for meeting and singing work. He may be contacted at Rt. 3, Montrose, Mo. 64770.

Harry Pickup, Jr. has moved from the Springfield, Mo., church to work with one of the churches in St. Petersburg, Florida.

After three years with the University Drive church in Portales, New Mexico, James B. Lusby has moved to work with the brethren in Rogers, Arkansas. His address is: James B. Lusby, Box 447, Rogers, Arkansas 72756 After three years with the church in Savanna, Oklahoma, John M. Wilson is moving to Frederick, Oklahoma. If some elderly preacher with some means of support, one that wants to work for the Lord and not looking for a place to "sit down and retire," wants to move to Savanna, he may contact Altus L. Mills, Savanna, Oklahoma, or Everett E. Sturgeon, Savanna, Oklahoma.

Preachers Needed

The Woodland church, Sumter, South Carolina, will be in need of a preacher the first of August. Brother Everett G. Shoat, having labored in this area for seven years, will be moving to Parkersburg, W. Va. , to work with the Marrtown church. The church here has experienced continuous harassment since beginning four years ago. A new building is being constructed on a main artery between Shaw AFB and Sumter. Present attendance numbers in the low thirties. Should you be interested in working in this area contact: Boyd O. Selby, 3370 Broad Street Extension, Sumter, S. C. , 29150. It will be necessary to obtain most support.

The Greencastle, Indiana, church wishes to secure the services of a sound, capable, gospel preacher. Anyone interested may write: John Cantewine, Rt. 1, Greencastle, Indiana or Andrew Dickey, Rt. 5, Greencastle, Indiana 46135.


A new church has begun meeting in Alexandria, La. They are meeting on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM. in the Travelodge Motel in room 104. Contact Earl Hartsell, 1615, Shannon, Alexandria, La.

Glen Shaver, Pocahontas, Ark.: At the, present time I have $470.00 monthly support promised from nine churches and one individual. Hence, with the emergency fund I received and this amount of regular support I will be able to make for the next 18 months. As the great apostle Paul said of the Philippians, "I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epharoditus the things which were sent from you, an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God." Phil. 4:18, even so I say the same of you my brethren - both churches and individuals that have so generously supplied my needs. I assure you that the money will be spent in a wise way. Thank you again for the wonderful way in which you responded to my needs. May the Lord richly bless you and keep you is my humble prayer. Brethren, pray for us and the work of the Lord in this area..."

Jerry Eubanks, 4056 Cedar Knoll Drive, Tucker, Ga.: "Due to the death of my father-in-law, Walter N Henderson, I now have an extra set of Gospel Guardians that I would like to sell for Sister Henderson. Vol. 7 (1955) through Vol. 18 (April '67) are complete except for 11 issues. The price is $30.00 plus postage. To complete my set I am in need of the following: Vol. 1-No: 19, 24, 25, 31, 34, 44; Vol. 2-No. 3-9, 11, 21, 29; Vol. 3 -No. 37, 42; Vol. 4-No. 27; Vol. 5-No. 1-25, 40, 42; Vol. 6-No. 3-9, 11, 21. If anyone should have any of these issues, I would appreciate hearing from you and would be willing to pay a fair price plus postage. Also should anyone have Vols. 1-4 of the Guardian complete that they would like to sell, please let me know."

Larry Devore, 411 Flora, New Carlisle, Ohio 45344: "I am now working with the Fumston St. Church in New Carlisle, 15 miles north of Dayton, Ohio. Martin Lemon of Shelbyville, Tenn., will be in a meeting here Aug. 14-20. I will be in a meeting at Roseville, Ohio, August 20-27."

John W. Pittman, Box 103, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701: "Any church in the state of Arkansas who is in need of a preacher, I would consider the work. I am now preaching for the small church at Georgetown, Arkansas, but we do not have support. The work is good and we enjoy it. We would like to stay but we need support. Eleven were baptized in January and two were restored. The contributions pay for a 15 minute radio program each Sunday morning. I can be contacted at the above address. "


J.D. Tant, Jr., Will be with the East Side congregation of Toledo, Ohio, in a gospel meeting, September 25th through Oct. 1st. R. E. Corns is the local preacher.

Paul K. Williams will be with the church in Mississippi City, Mississippi, in a gospel effort, August 25-30.

Billy Moore of Fulton, Mo., will assist the brethren at St. Joseph, Mo. , Sept. 11-17.

Brother Harris J. Dark of Murfreesboro, Tenn. begins a meeting August 20-27th with the Forest Hill Church in Richmond, Va.