Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 27, 1967

"Go Thou And Do Likewise"


Dear Brother Tant:

Recently George Bennett who preaches for the church in Clayton, Oklahoma, visited here, and he taught the adult class on Wednesday evening. After the class I asked him if the brethren in Clayton were reading the Guardian, and he said only a few as everybody felt they were too poor to take it. I told him that if he would furnish me a mailing list of the member families, I would see to it that each family received the paper for one year. So I am happy to send you the list herewith and my check, to add these families to your growing subscription list.

I am more thoroughly convinced every day that a failure on the part of brethren to read and study, in the light of Bible truth, such thought-provoking lessons as are published in the Guardian and other like publications is one of the reasons why the church in many places is taking on the "New Look" as Brother Leroy Garrett recently wrote. In my humble judgment, the faith of any Christian will be strengthened by reading and studying those things which are written on the pages of the Gospel Guardian. And I thank God that I am financially able to supply such a journal to these 50 additional members of the Lord's church."

Sincerely and brotherly yours, ________

The man who wrote that letter is an elder in the Lord's church. He is not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination. Not rich in material things, that is. But he is rich in the faith, and in his love for his fellow-Christians. He is deeply devoted to the cause of truth and righteousness. And he realizes perhaps more than some others the vital importance of an informed and knowledgeable membership. For many years he has been sending the Gospel Guardian each year to a number of other families - particularly to every family in the congregation where he serves as a bishop. As you may well understand from this, that congregation is one of the best informed and most active in all the state of Texas. We are happy to report that we are beginning to notice a growing number of such faithful men among us - particularly gospel preachers. We have several now who even from their own income (all too often meager and inadequate) are nevertheless sending the Gospel Guardian to every family in the congregation. Really, it is not too great a burden, even at that. For only $5.00 per month the paper can be sent to THIRTY families. And the vast majority of conservative churches will number less than a hundred families per congregation.

We are grateful, of course, for the sacrificial efforts of these faithful men. They love the cause of Christ; they are giving their lives to proclaim Him to the communities where they live. And they are well convinced (as is the elder who wrote the letter) that "the faith of any Christian will be strengthened by reading and studying those things which are written on the pages of the Gospel Guardian." Indeed, who can deny that the very LACK of such reading and study is the explanation for the present wild "tongue-speaking", denominationalizing craze which has taken hold of so many of the liberal congregations. It was "for lack of knowledge", according to Hosea's statement (4:6), that God's people were destroyed in the long ago; certainly this same "lack of knowledge" was back of the great digression of the last century. And in our own day we are witnessing the same sad story unfold before our very eyes.

It is our desire and plan to keep a constant supply of the very best material possible on these pages. But the finest gospel journal in the world accomplishes nothing - unless it is read! That is where you, our readers, can help. We ask your cooperation, your interest, your continued support in getting this journal coming into as many homes as we can possibly reach. Honestly, would $5.00 a month be too much of a burden to YOU? Think of reaching THIRTY FAMILIES every single week with the fine articles from the able Bible students who write for the Gospel Guardian! Here is where YOU can have a part in this great work. You may feel inadequate as a teacher, you may be timid about trying to instruct others; but surely you can have some part in this great work. You can send the names and addresses of thirty families, and then only $5.00 per month will bring the Gospel Guardian every week into these homes.

You think your little bit won't help much? But if just one thousand readers of this journal will act upon this simple suggestion, we can reach an additional THIRTY THOUSAND homes - which would mean something like an additional one hundred thousand readers!

Our thanks to the thoughtful brother who sent in the list from Clayton, Oklahoma, And our admonition to all others who read this page, "Go thou, and do likewise." We will do our best to give you a constructive, helpful journal. And you do your best to see that it is widely circulated.

F. Y. T.