Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 13, 1967
NUMBER 48, PAGE 3b,6b

Why Doesn't Bro. Pullias Buy His Own Bed?

Harold E. Turner

If you haven't read the February issue of the Gospel Advocate you ought to borrow one somewhere and try it. Take special notice of the article entitled "Thus saith the Lord" which is a little rehash of a "powerful and so badly needed" message presented by Athens Clay Pullias at the recent lecture series at David Lipscomb College.

The second paragraph points out three real good things. "(1) God has spoken in his word; (2) man may speak only as God has authorized him to speak; and (3) every person is obligated to examine every word that we hear and every conviction that we hold in the light of the sacred revelation."

How befitting and needful these words of exhortation and truth are but its one thing to state a truth and something else to apply it.

In the middle of paragraph 4 the writer continues his revamp of bro. Pullias' speech, "He further emphasized the fact that we have fallen behind in many good works because of the lack of brotherhood acceptance. For example, in the city of Nashville, where there are more members of the church than any other place in the world, there is not one hospital operated by Christians. He stated that if he should have a heart attack, he would likely have to go to a hospital operated by denominational people. And while this makes no defense of denominationalism it does point up a vital failure upon our part. Brother Pullias stated that it does not become us to sleep in the other fellow's bed, cover up with his covers, and then go about telling the world how bad a fellow he is!"

First of all I'm glad to know that we're falling behind in some of these so called good works. I thought we left the Catholics way behind on our "cows for Korea" venture but maybe not. If our "on the march" brethren are falling behind and have been lagging it ought to really be something to watch them shift into high gear.

Nevertheless, we have been exhorted to examine every word we hear in the light of the sacred revelation. We have just witnessed an appeal for Church of Christ Hospitals, that is, hospitals operated just like those presently owned by denominations and that would necessarily involve church support. This is categorized as one of the good works in which we're falling behind.

Well, the appeal was made, and in fine style by the way, and we watched for supporting scripture of such good works and lo and behold none were mentioned. I wonder why. Brother Pullias also talked about encouraging the younger generation to study and help the youth in their quest for truth. Well, I'm young, under 50 at least, and he didn't help me in this matter at all. Now I wonder why.

Why didn't he go ahead and state the passage that would authorize Church of Christ Hospitals? Why didn't he go ahead and quote Matt. 25:36, "I was sick and ye visited me" or some passage comparable to it? Maybe he's been answered enough to know better, maybe? If this passage authorized Church of Christ Hospitals to take care of the sick wouldn't it also authorize Church of Christ Chain Food Markets to feed the hungry (v. 35), Church of Christ Bottling Companies to give drink to the thirsty (v. 35), and Church of Christ Clothing Stores to cloth the naked (v. 36)?

Certainly it would and any passage he uses to get in his hospital I'll use the same one and get in Church of Christ Humane Societies.

Now notice if you will that a reason is given for the plug for hospitals. The reason should have been, especially in view of the needs of us young folk, just a simple passage of scripture. That would have been fine. After all these young people aren't idiots.

But alas, we were treated instead to a fine (and no doubt side splitting) piece of bro. Pullias' reasoning concerning his dislikes about sleeping in other people's beds. He said we shouldn't sleep in other people's beds and then turn around and tell everyone how bad they are. Who does that? I don't talk about how bad denominationalist are. I talk about how bad denominationalism is, don't you?

But using the logic found in this "powerful and badly needed" message we might draw some parallel conclusions.

For example, I don't know of a single car company operated by Christians, now should a fellow drive a car made by someone who isn't a Christian and then go around talking about how bad people are that aren't Christians?

A lot of the Jews run clothing stores. Do you suppose that a person could conscientiously go in one of those stores and buy some underwear and then talk about how bad the Jews are? I guess after a second thought we are falling behind in some of those good works.

But notice if you will that the reason underlying our need for Church of Christ Hospitals is a fervent dislike concerning sleeping in other people's beds.

Now I would like to make a little simple point right here. Instead of splitting churches over another needless issue and causing havoc among Christians over something like this why don't all of you brethren who, like bro. Pullias, can't sleep in someone's bed and then talk bad about him with a clear conscience buy your own beds (and sheets) and have your names stamped at the end. Then when you get out of the hospital you can talk mean about anybody with a clear conscience, no churches will be split, your heart trouble, bro. Pullias, will have been cared for and you'll not be responsible for continued apostasy among churches of Christ.

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