Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 13, 1967
NUMBER 48, PAGE 1-2a

"Minority Rights"

Roy E. Cogdill

The whole world is in a state of turmoil and strife over the question of minority rights. These minority groups are of different varieties. They sometimes are religious minorities, sometimes racial minorities, and sometimes other kinds. True democracy from an ideal point of view means, of course, the granting of equal rights and consideration to all. However from a practical point of view it seems that the only way democracy can manifest itself is through the rule of the majority. Sometimes the voice of the majority can become too powerful and be oppressive. This trespasses upon the rights of the minority and strife and trouble develop. This is true in politics, religion, and even among brethren in the church. It is not always easy to give due consideration and be just and equitable in our attitudes and treatment of the minority. Either minority rule or majority rule can be wrong if proper consideration is not extended to the rights of others. God did not intend that the affairs of his Kingdom should be determined and ruled either by the rights of others. God did not intend that the affairs of his Kingdom should be determined and ruled either by the majority or the minority but by our "growing together in the same mind and in the same judgment".

In the midst of this struggle all over the world for "minority rights" the role of the Catholic Church is conspicuous in more than one way. The Roman Church would have the world to think that it champions the cause of the minority in many instances. In the racial issue Catholicism would leave the impression that they believe in true democracy and that they are on the side of the minority groups of this and other countries. In fact, of course, this is far from true except where they think that it will gain them some favor. As a matter of principle Catholicism is a system of totalitarianism (dictatorship) and where-ever the Catholic Church has the power its will is enforced without any regard for the rights of any minority, religious or otherwise. They preach tolerance and appear to be promoting the cause of "Unity" when no institution on earth has the record of intolerance and oppression that the Catholic has. The bloodiest persecutions that have been known in human history must be charged to the Catholics when they were in power or constituted the majority. Huss, Wycliffe, and thousands of others went to a cruel death because they defied the authority of the Catholic institution and constituted a minority. The Spanish and French inquisitions, perhaps the bloodiest periods of history were the product of the intolerance and cruelty of Catholicism in overpowering a defiant minority.

Today is no different where they have the power to enforce their decrees. In Catholic dominated countries (where they have the majority and through the majority exercise control over the government) their intolerance (though somewhat more civilized in its manifestations outwardly) is manifested in clear and certain unmistakable signs. We cite our readers to Spain as a modern example. These are the undisputable facts:

Outside of the British Episcopal Mission in Madrid no church can designate on the outside of their building that they are churches.

New churches of any faith cannot be established without permission and the government is reluctant to grant such permission.

There are still Protestant churches closed outside of Madrid though Protestant churches in Madrid have been permitted to reopen. There are only ten Protestant churches in Madrid.

The Jews have an easier time than Protestants because the Catholics are not afraid of Catholics being converted to Judaism.

The Government in Spain pays the Priests and also appropriates the money for church administration.

For years in the past the religious budget of Franco's Spain has been larger than its budget for civil affairs.

This ecclesiastical budget in Spain is kept a secret as far as it is possible.

While Spain was starving in 1952, 72 million pesetas were advanced to hold an ecclesiastical conference in Barcelona alone.

The priests have the right to come into public schools to inspect the religious worship.

This is the tolerance and brotherliness of Catholicism in its real manifestation where they have the power and control. An ecumenical council on world wide unity in the midst of such intolerance throughout the world is a hoax and farce.

Leading Catholics in our own country (and the leaders of our country are Catholic) will have a hard time impressing the people who think with their sincerity in their efforts to leave the impression that they are really interested in minority rights of any kind as long as they are the exponents and devotees of a religious dictatorship that denies throughout the world the most important kind of minority rights, the freedom to worship and propagate their faith.