Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 30, 1967
NUMBER 46, PAGE 7-8a

News & Notes

Clyde O. Moore; 2106 Paul Avenue/Lufkin, Texas 15901


A debate will be conducted in Harlingen, Texas, March 27-28, 30-31. The debate will be between Earl Dale of Harlingen and Ralph Gage of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Following are the propositions:

#1 "When the local church comes together for the purpose of teaching the Bible, it is scriptural to divide into classes for the teaching, some of which may be done with both men and women."

AFFIRM: Earl Dale; DENY: Ralph Gage

#2 "The Scriptures teach, that when the local church comes together to be taught the word of God, all present must remain in one assembly with men only doing the teaching."

AFFIRM: Ralph Gage; DENY: Earl Dale The first two nights will be conducted in the building of the Pendleton Park church of Christ; the second two nights the discussion will be conducted either in the building of Brother Gage's brethren in Harlingen or in Weslaco, sixteen miles west of Harlingen.

Need Preacher

Vaughn Green, Route 10, Gainsville, Ga. 30501: "The Enota church of Christ in Gainsville, Georgia, is looking for a sound gospel preacher to labor full time with them. If anyone is interested, please contact me at the above address. My phone number is: 536-4095, area code 404. The address of the meeting house is 1254 Enota Drive, Gainsville, Ga."

* * * * * *

A sound gospel preacher is needed to work with the church which meets at 5360 San Jose St. , Montclair, California 91763. Write Myron A. Long, 845 E. Rosewood St. , Ontario, California, 91762.

Preacher Available

Marvine Kelley, Box 276, San Juan, Texas 78589-Phone ST 7-4697: "Two years ago this April my wife underwent surgery at the Los Angeles Tumor Institute in Los Angeles, California. The tumor removed from her neck was malignant. She received 25- 2-million volt x-ray treatments. The two years past, we have been out of full time local work and have been helping the faithful brethren at Weslaco, Texas.

The doctors now say that we have very little to worry about and now that we can safely return to full time work. I have been preaching for 25 years, have done work in Texas, Oklahoma, California, and Nevada. I have conducted meetings in several states, debated the issues both pro and con.

We have one child at home, a 16 year old son who is a junior in high school. I would like to spend my time in meeting work until I locate. I will appreciate hearing from any interested congregation."


One was baptized during December at the Locust Street church, Mount Pleasant, Tenn... Two have been added unto the Lord recently at the church in Valley Station, Kentucky... On January 22nd one was baptized at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn...

Preachers Move

Roy E. Cogdill asks that all correspondents take note of his new address: 35 W. Par Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32804. He would like for those who have been sending their church bulletins to him in Canoga Park, California, to continue the courtesy and see to it that the necessary change is made in their address files.

* * * * *

L. A. Stauffer: "After four years of work with the Berwyn church, I plan to leave around the first of June. The church here is able to support a preacher fully and adequately. They would appreciate any men interested in the work contacting them by writing: Berwyn church of Christ, 1500 S. Ridgeland Ave. , Berwyn, Ill. 60402; or if they prefer calling: 312-484- 5883."

A Precious Death Jesse G. Jenkins

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." (Psm. 116:15. )

At his home in Tucumcari, New Mexico, Cecil Terry passed from this life on Saturday evening, January, 1967. He was one of the finest men and most faithful Christians that this writer has ever known. For years he lived 37 miles from Tucumcari. He and his wife never used the distance as an excuse for missing the assemblies of the saints. Many Sundays they would come for morning services and stay in town until after the evening services. But many Sundays something on the farm would necessitate their going home after the morning service. When such was necessary they drove another 74 miles that evening to worship God. They made every night services of every gospel meeting the local church had-74 miles each day for a full week to worship God. For about the last two years of his life he lived in Tucumcari. He would have loved to move to Clovis, as that was where their doctors were, but there was no congregation there that was following God's order; thus, he decided to move to Tucumcari instead.

Brother Terry loved the TRUTH and he loved those who preached it. A gospel preacher could find no better friend than was Cecil Terry. This is a fact that I am sure such men as Forrest Moyer, Osby Weaver, Vaughn Shofner, and A. O. Raney will attest to; they had their lives enriched by knowing and fellow-shipping Cecil Terry. Though his good wife and many brethren sorrow his passing, I am fully persuaded that the death that occurred in Tucumcari, N. M. on the eve of Jan. 21, 1967 was a precious thing in the sight of God.

Gospel Meetings

Roy Foutz preached for the College church, Lafayette, La., March 6-8 on the subject of "The Bible vs. Evolution". Bob Franks is the local preacher.

Billy W. Moore of Butler, Mo., will preach in a meeting at Hazelwood, Mo. , April 23-30. Irvin Himmel is the local preacher.

Paul Foutz of Houston, Texas, will assist the brethren at Parkway, Corpus Christi, Texas, in a series of meetings, April 3-9. There will be morning and evening services. Pat Farish is the local evangelist.

James R. Trigg, preacher for the Westside church, Irving, Texas, announces a meeting, April 17-23, with John C. Coffman of Fort Worth, Texas, doing the preaching.

Rufus Clifford will be with the brethren in Sciotoville, Ohio, in a gospel effort, March 20-26.

Horace Huggins of Meridian, Miss., will be with brethren in Mississippi City, Miss., in a gospel meeting April 10-16. James E. Cooper is the local preacher.