Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 9, 1967
NUMBER 43, PAGE 8-9a

News & Notes

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Avenue/Lufkin, Texas 75901


Four have recently been added to the Lord by baptism at the Huffman church, Birmingham, Alabama.... One was baptized January 1st at the Pine Hills church, Orlando, Florida.... On Dec. 6th one was baptized at the church in Hobbs, New Mexico... Two have been baptized recently at the Expressway church, Louisville, Kentucky....


Ronnie P. Sadorra, Box 642, Manila, Philippines: "On Dec. 1-4 the Piy Margall church of Christ, held a four night Gospel meeting. The speakers were: Refael'Aguilar; Romero Estalilla of the DZAS and ATTY. Celso Dacanay of the GSIS, Queson City. There were four baptisms and two others desire to be baptized this week. We are also opening classes in Bible for college level and offer free Bible Correspondence Course. We give a certificate of completion after finishing the course."

* * * *

Don Freeman, 1010 Taylor Ave. , Richmond, Va. 23224: "The year, 1966, close with many blessings in the work of the Lord here at the congregation in Forest Hill for which we are thankful. We had the pleasure of hearing brother C.D. Plum from Moundsville, West Virginia, in a meeting during April, 1966 and latter part of August and the first of September, 1966 brother F. Y. Tant from Nacogdoches, Texas, was with us in a meeting. Both of these faithful Gospel preachers are scheduled to return in 1968.

We have two meetings scheduled this year, one with brother Irvin Himmel and one with brother Harris J. Dark. The church here in Forest Hill, now as always, looks to the pattern set forth for us in the New Testament in preaching the Gospel. I began preaching "full time" in September, 1966 here at Forest Hill due to brother Bob Lyell going to Florida College. I thoroughly enjoy the GOSPEL GUARDIAN and want to commend you all on a fine publication. In the January 19, 1967 issue I would like to say well done to H. Edward McCaskill on his article "Look What My Sufferings Have Done For Me."

I don't believe there is such a thing as a preacher shortage. It seems to me there is a shortage of faith in that brethren won't discharge their responsibilities of preaching the Gospel. I recall that in Acts 8:4 it is written, "they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word." The example these brethren in the early church set needs to be imitated today."

* * * * *

John Bullock, 600 N. Collier, Grand Saline, Texas 75140: "The work looks better as time goes on. One has been baptized recently, and our attendance is up some. We have two meetings scheduled this year. Brother A. A. McInroe of Lubbock, Texas, will be with us March 12-19, and Brother Dean Bullock will preach in a meeting the latter part of August. Brethren, put me on your bulletin mailing list. I want to receive your bulletin."


A debate will be conducted in Chicago, Ill. , March 13-14, 16-17. The first two nights will be conducted in the Grand Ave. building, located 3679 W. Grand Ave. and the last two nights will be conducted at 1054 W. Oakdale, Chicago, Ill. Propositions and Disputants:

#1 "It is in harmony with the Scriptures for churches of Christ to contribute from their treasuries in support of the Herald of Truth radio program and other similar radio programs."

AFFIRM: Windell R. Pikes; DENY: Elvis Bozarth

#2 "It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches of Christ to contribute funds from their treasuries in support of the Herald of Truth radio program and other similar programs.

AFFIRM: Elvis Bozarth; DENY: Windell R. Pikes

#3 "It is in harmony with the Scriptures for churches of Christ to build, maintain, and supply orphan homes such as Boles Orphan Home."

AFFIRM: Windell R. Pikes; DENY: Elvis Bozarth

#4 "It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches of Christ to build, maintain, and supply orphan homes such as Boles Orphans Home."

AFFIRM: Elvis Bozarth; DENY: Windell R. Pikes The time of the services will be 7:45 PM. Each speaker will have two thirty minutes alternate speeches on each proposition.

A Review

Professor James D. Bales of Harding College is writing an extensive review of "Voices of Concern" in RESTORATION REVIEW, 1201 Windsor Drive, Denton, Texas 76201. Throughout 1967 he will submit his criticisms to the various contributors to the book, who in turn will reply to him. The exchange will total about 100 pages. You can receive the journal for the entire cost of $1.00.

Need Preacher

The church in Milan, Tenn. , is interested in securing the services of a preacher. Call or write, Clarence Spain, Route 4, Milan, Tenn. The telephone number is: 783-3991.

To Preach In Australia

Brother Harold V. Comer of Brownsburg, Indiana, has decided to go to Australia to preach the gospel. This is a big decision, and he made it only after much study and prayer. He and his wife believe that this is a field of labor where workers are greatly needed. Harold believes he can do good there.

We want to recommend brother Comer as a faithful gospel preacher who can be depended upon to do a very fine job of preaching the gospel in Australia. Bro. Comer is known and loved by us for his work's sake. He is a man of deep conviction and great faith. He is an inspiration to those who work with him. The work he has done at Brownsburg has been outstanding. Largely through his faithful life and teaching, the church has combined a rapid growth with steadily advancing soundness of position. The liberals had a strong influence on the congregation when he moved there. Now the congregation has taken a strong, sound position.

Brother Comer, is, therefore, a man of proven ability. He is of a vigorous age (32); his wife and three children are in good health. We know of no one better qualified to do this work, and we unhesitatingly recommend him to the brotherhood. He plans to leave in April and is now seeking his support, work fund, and travel fund. Contact him at: P. O. Box 184, Brownsburg, Indiana. He will give a full report of funds received and expended.

Paul K. Williams, Plainfield, Indiana; Ferrell Jenkins, Akron, Ohio; Harold Tabor, Indianapolis, Indiana; William Lewis, Indianapolis, Indiana; William E. Wallace, Indianapolis, Ind.; Gary L. Ruddell, Indianapolis, Ind.; Loren Raines, Indianapolis, Indiana