Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 2, 1967

News & Notes

Clyde O. Moore - 2706 - Lufkin, Texas.

Jack Cole, Rt. 7, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701: "On Wednesday, June 29th, the church in Fayetteville had its beginning. There was an assembly in my home which consisted of my family and two other families. One week later we acquired for a meeting place the 'American Legion' building.

Brethren, since that night in June until the time of the writing of this report (which has been three months) we have grown numerically by baptizing five. Several families have joined hands with us to work and labor for the cause of Christ in this area. We are now averaging from 65-75 on Lord's day.

A note of information: Fayetteville, Arkansas, is the home of the University of Arkansas and the university has almost 12,000 students. Therefore, we beseech you in the name of Christ, that if you know of any students attending the University, let them know where we are meeting, or send their names and addresses to us and we will contact them. Fayetteville, without the students, has a population close to 30,000 and there was a great need for a congregation of the Lord's people in this city, to stand for the truth. Brethren we covet your prayers. We extend unto you a warm welcome. Our building is located on US Highway 71 in the downtown area."

* * * * * * * *

John Bullock, Grand Saline, Texas: "Brother Reneau of Gladewater, Texas, did the preaching in a meeting which closed here last Sunday night. During this effort two responded to the gospel invitation, one being baptized. The word here presents the greatest challenge since I began preaching and your prayers are requested. Please mail me your bulletins."

* * * * * * * *

Shelley L. Cherry, 1800 West Marland Street, Hobbs, New Mexico: "After meeting approximately for three years in a school building for worship, a group of Christians are now meeting in a new building located at 301 East Clearfork Street, Hobbs, New Mexico. The large lot is paid for and, with the exception of a very small loan from a few members of the congregation, the building is completely free of debt. This is with less than sixteen regular members. We are located in a growing part of town not far from two junior colleges, present school buildings, and more being built. If you are coming our way, we would be more than happy for you to worship with us. We ask your prayers in always standing for the truth and giving a 'thus saith the Lord'. "

* * * * * *

Voyd N. Ballard, Bt,:. 21316, Concord, California: "When I came to Concord seven years ago there was no loyal congregation of the Lord's people in this city. There were two or three families here who were driving to a nearby town to worship because they could not scripturally worship God in the group that called themselves the church. This group is shot full of liberalism. We established the church here seven years ago, and the work has grown. This congregation continues sound in the faith, and works and worships according to the New Testament pattern. I have done the preaching here since the beginning of this congregation. Sound brethren are invited to worship with us when in this area. Our meeting place is: 2619 Port Chicago Highway, in Concord. Our telephone number: 682-7462 or 682-3009. On Sunday, Nov. 27th, I had an opportunity to visit the church meeting at 5300 Pioneer Drive in Bakersfield, Calif. I preached in both services that day. It was a pleasure to visit and preach in Bakersfield again, as I have done considerable preaching in and around Bakersfield over a period of the past twenty years. The work at Pioneer Drive seems to be going forward in a good way, and the brethren there continue to stand for the Truth. Bud Irvine of Odessa, Texas, had just finished a good meeting with them, and the reports were that he had done an excellent job in preaching the gospel."

* * * * * * * *

L. J. Brantley, Box 205, St. Anne, Ill.: "Brother James Watts has moved from Plano, Ill. to Bradley, Ill., to work with the church in Bradley. This is his first time to labor full time with any congregation, but he is doing an excellent job and we at Bradley believe he will be of great help to us."

* * * * * * *

H. L. Bruce has moved from Clute, Texas, to work with the Southside church in Mount Pleasant, Texas. His address is 204 Cedar Street, Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455.