Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 2, 1967
NUMBER 38, PAGE 13b-14a

Letter To Uncle Zeke

Your faithful nephew Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke:

Got yer letter yesterday mornin and was shore pleased to git it. It is always good to hear from you and yers.

In answer to yer question I guess I should say that I'm no less surprised than you. This world is shorely gettin in a sad condition when mothers ain't of a mind to stay home with their youngins.

Why just last week Amy Ledbetter up and got herself a job workin in the sawmill. Her poor youngins is being looked after by Amy's grandma. Ever since Amy got to interpretin the Bible to suit herself she ain't been of much use to nobody.

I ain't about to figger out what interpretation she's put on "keepers at home," but it for certain ain't no interpretation what'll do her or her kids any good. It don't make no sense that no mother what loves her kids will absolutely refuse to stay home with them.

In talkin to Amy about it she told me she has to work at the mill now. Seems her and Cled (Cled's her husband) up and bought themselves a colored TV for ever they counted the cost. After they brung the thing home they found they couldn't make all them payments. Don't get me wrong, uncle Zeke, they's nothin wrong with a colored TV. That is, if'n you can afford it.

Besides all that, Amy had done found her a preacher what said, "keepers at home" didn't mean she had to stay home anyhow. In "keepin" all she had to do was pay somebody else to do it. That kinda sounds like the preacher over at Oak Hill what says, "a church can build a home, but can't be the keeper of it. " You remember the preacher over there. His name is G. N. Forest, the curly headed feller. I guess Amy feels she can be a "keeper" but she can't be a "stayer".

It worries me a mite to see them fellers gettin everybody all confused with their Greek interpretations. Why, the way some of them spout the Greek it would almost make you think you would have to speak Greek to go to Heaven. Personal, I don't fool with that Greek none. Why I ain't been speakin good English but just a short spell, I shore don't aim to fool none with another language.

Maybe we can talk some sense into Amy's head and git her back with her children where she belongs. Sad part of it is, Amy's not alone. They's a lot of mothers who think they can pawn off their children to somebody else and still be pleasin to the Lord.

Remember us in yer prayers, come see us if'n you can.

Yers truly,