Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 12, 1967

The Bible — A Book Of Facts

James Brand

The Bible is a book of facts. Facts that are expressed in one or two syllable words. The preaching of the apostles, though they had heaven's inspiration and guidance, was simple preaching. It could be understood by the masses.

The Bible is a simple book. Its words are words that all people may be able to understand. It is your book from your God.

Read it to increase your knowledge of God, and of your relationship and responsibility to God. Let no man be your interpreter of it. The Bible begins with the statement of facts concerning the creation. Men have theorized every since. Every theory concerning creation that has ever been advanced has detracted from the truth of that simple statement of Genesis. (Gen. 1:1)

In the last century the world has been treated to the theory of evolution, which is simply a theory and every reputed scientist in the world considers it only a theory. Every scientist worthy of the name will readily admit the possibility of its being completely false, even though it is embraced by many of them.

Every scientist will agree that there are yet many missing links in the theory; the absence of any one of which will disprove the entire foundation of the thing.

Every fact uncovered by science thus far has added to the strength of the testimony of Genesis and has weakened the theory of Evolution.

Read your Bible for it is a letter from your God to you. Study it to be wise, practice its precept's to be pure. For it is a lamp unto thy feet, and a light unto thy Pathway. (Psa. 119; 104-105. )