Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 1, 1966

About Alma (Cook) Jaquith

Loren N. Raines And William E. Wallace

Elsewhere in this paper there is an article by Alma Cook Jaquith. This article reflects the deep and abiding faith of a great lady in God's spiritual Israel. When such Christians are deceased, their works do not cease.

Alma (Cook) Jaquith was born in Cookeville, Tennessee in 1893. Later her family moved to Nashville where she received her education. In early life she became a member of the Christian Church in Nashville. When Butler University purchased the site for its present campus and began an extensive building program, Alma came to Indianapolis and found employment in the business office of the university in the field of cost accounting. She kept this position during the period when many of the present buildings on the Butler campus were being erected.

During this time she met Dr. O. S. Jaquith, one of the most prominent physicians in Indianapolis. In 1928 they were united in marriage. Dr. Jaquith's first wife had passed away a few years previously. At that time they were both members of and active in the Christian Church.

A few years later brother E. G. Creasy held a meeting in Indianapolis. During this meeting Doctor and Alma Jaquith heard brother Creasy on the radio and became interested. They attended the meeting and were convinced that they were in error in the Christian Church. Shortly after this, before this group of disciples became what was later known as the Irvington congregation, Doctor and Alma renounced the Christian Church and identified themselves with the Lord's church.

A few years later they took the lead in purchasing the property and establishing a congregation that met for many years at 40th and Capitol in Indianapolis. When 40th and Capitol moved to its present location in Nora brother and sister Jaquith moved their membership to Emerson Avenue. Doctor and Alma have both been very conservative in their thinking since they found the truth. They had enough of liberalism in the Christian Church.

Alma was blessed with superior intelligence which enabled her to become a profound student of the Bible. She had a natural gift as a teacher which made it possible for her to render a most valuable service in the church. Many ladies have sat at her feet and learned much about the Bible in her Bible classes.

Alma was a true follower of Christ and daily sought to emulate His example and to glorify His name. She was steadfast in the faith, consecrated, sincere and devout. Her profound knowledge of the Bible made her a fearless defender of the Faith. Through her teaching and influence many have been led to Christ, and many have become better informed and made more steadfast in the faith.

During the last two years she suffered with cancer. On November 16, 1965 she had to give up the battle, but she went down to her grave in the triumph of a living faith, rejoicing in the hope of the life that is eternal. Funeral services were conducted by Loren N. Raines. She was laid to rest in Lawrenceburg, Indiana which was Dr. Jaquith's childhood home.

Dr. Jaquith is 90 years still practicing medicine! With a clear mind and a continuing love for the church he is a real inspiration to all who know him. May God bless the old doctor in his memories of a loyal and wonderful companion.