Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 4, 1966

Pretty Faithful

Glen R. Bus Burt

How many times have you asked someone about their faithfulness to the Lord or for that matter about someone else and received the reply, "Oh, I'm pretty faithful" or "He's pretty faithful"? Very seldom will you hear an affirmation of being "faithful" to the Lord. I have heard people give the above answers quite often. Certainly such a statement is not a declaration of being really faithful and neither is it an admission of being unfaithful. It is somewhere in between.

Now, we can't find this exact language in the scriptures but I have decided which scripture tells us what it means to be "pretty faithful" and what God thinks of such service. Note please the comparison:

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What about you brother? How do you classify? May we always be found among the FAITHFUL in Christ Jesus. Not the Unfaithful of Pretty Faithful.

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