Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 25, 1964
NUMBER 8, PAGE 8,13c

We Will Not Walk Therein

Donald Willis

The liberal manifestations seem never ending. Possibly some do not see the full extent of error toward which they are driving. For the past several years several brethren have begun to practice many things for which they had no divine authority. Some have cried, "Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein ...But they said, We will not walk therein..." (Jer. 8:16). A constant appeal has been made encouraging God-seeking men to follow the divine will of God.

Once man has forsaken God, there is hardly a stopping place. History has shown this in the digression of the Catholics, later the Protestant movement (though they 'protest' little), and continuing in the 'Disciples of Christ' digression. One does not know where to stop once the break with divine authority occurs.

In the churches of Christ, there has always been a clarion sound, "We speak where the Bible speaks, and are silent where the Bible is silent." It was, at one time, an honor to have one challenge the practice, for the word of God would be used to the glory of God. One who showed error was said to be a friend.

Now, the flood-gate has been thrown open by some brethren. But, do not challenge their practice or you will be labeled an anti. They do not attempt to prove their practice scriptural, but engage in name calling and ostracism toward those who oppose.

In recent years the progression of liberalism has been manifested:

1. Youth meetings, with entertainment at church buildings.

2. Skating parties, volley ball, horse shoe pitching, ping pong, etc. has been planned by the churches and advertised in the bulletins.

3. Men's luncheons (some charge has been made by churches, and, by some, the entire affair has been conducted in the meeting houses).

4. Area advertising (As seen in the Wichita, Kansas evening paper on Saturday) under one man (who signs his name as "Co-ordinator") with full power to choose ads, and to dismiss churches from the listing.

5. Churches support preaching through the sponsoring church arrangement, such as "Herald of Truth: Preachers who say they have not taken a stand advertise the "Herald of Truth" in the church bulletin (May 10, 1984 bulletin from Derby, Kansas).

6. Churches send contributions to the "Million for Manhattan" campaign. This advertising scheme has recently begun to sell banquet dinners at $7.50 per plate to raise money to build their meeting house. What is the difference in a pie supper, or rummage sale?

7. A human institution, Winfield (Kansas) Rest Haven Home for the Aged, formerly had facilities only for those who were church members. "The Board of Directors are now making it possible for close relatives of members of the church to make their home there." (Quoted from bulletin of the Elpyco church, Wichita, Kansas, May 3, 1984). This human institution accepts church contributions.

8. Several churches have had "Save Bottle Caps" campaigns to benefit human institutions. Reminds one of the contribution of Green Stamp books.

9. Rather than seeking a "thus saith the Lord," the "tradition" of the church of past generations is the authority of some.

10. And now, the church support of the college.

More In Kansas

Recently in Wichita, Kansas, the liberal church at Riverside (which had been previously disfellowshipped by the "Church Co-ordinator — Wichita Beacon Ad," whatever this title means) has published in its bulletin some ultra-liberal practices. They have forsaken the authoritativeness of the Scriptures, the same as other brethren, but have simply been consistent a little further. We need authority for our action! Riverside has published in their bulletin:

1. A December Christmas program with songs of the Season.

2. Their Children's "Choir" (my designation, DW) will sing two songs before evening Bible Classes.

3. They recognize "Christians" in the denominations.

4. It is permissible to sing songs of praise unto God with the use of instruments of music. A "church of Christ tradition" is to just use vocal music.

5. Weekly observance of the Lord's Supper is not taught in the scriptures. They say this is but a "church of Christ tradition"

6. They had denominational preachers teach the adult class in V.B.S.

7. Sprinkling will make one a Christian.

I now quote from the October 6, 1963 Riverside bulletin, "One cannot help wondering if the God who manages so great a universe would really send a man to eternal destruction because he believed it was all right to cooperate with other congregations and feed an orphan, or because he had it all wrong about a pitch pipe's not being much different from a piano." With the particular point of emphasis in the article, Robert Moyers (preacher for Riverside) lists the instrument along with the orphan home and sponsoring church movements. Brother Meyers is able to observe that all are without Divine approval. Some brethren ridicule the one idea (instrumental music), but accept the ether two. Yes, the flood-gate is open. Wonder where it will stop?! Meyers states that "...what ultimately matters to the Eternal is a contrite spirit, a chastened and humbled heart, willing to obey to the best of his limited knowledge (my emphasis, DW) ...." The ultimate stand that any person must hold (to be consistent, after once forsaking the will of God) is that "the Spirit of God within the human heart (is) a greater thing than law after all." (Riverside bulletin, February 18, 1962). This is modernism!

Brethren, let us return to the old paths, the word of God. Seek it, pray about it, and walk in it. God demands obedience (Heb. 5:8-9). Not all religious people will be saved (Matt. 7:21-23), therefore let us walk by the only revelation (Jude 3) given by God to man.

— 3234 Coolidge, Wichita, Kansas 87204