Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 25, 1964
NUMBER 8, PAGE 6,13b

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Leitchfield, Kentucky — The church, meeting 733 Mill St., will be engaged in a gospel effort, June 21-28, with Thomas G. O'Neal of Jasper, Ala., doing the preaching. James Cooper is the local preacher.

Dyersburg, Tenn — Connie Adams of Orlando, Florida, will be with the Westside church, June 21-28.

Seminole, Texas — O. B. Procter, preacher for the church in Seminole, announces a meeting for June 22-28, with James Adams doing the preaching.

Hanceville, Ala. — Sewell Hall of Birmingham, Alabama, will be with the church in Hanceville, June 21-28, according to Edward O. Bragwell, the local preacher.

Pecan Grove, Texas — Tom Roberts of Sherman, Texas, will be in Pecan Grove, June 22-28.

San Bernardino, California — The Mt. View church will be engaged in a series of meetings, June 21-28, with Robert Farish of Nacogdoches, Texas, doing the preaching. A. W. Atkinson is the local preacher.

Meetings The Week Of The Fourth

Cash, Texas — Robert L. McDonald of Tyler, Texas, will be with the church in Cash, June 29-July 5.

Yoakum, Texas — Oliver Murray, of Lufkin, Texas will be with the church in Yoakum, June 29-July 5.

New Creatures

Three were baptized the 24th of May at the Oak Forest church, Houston, Texas, where Arnold Hardin preaches.

One was baptized the last Sunday in May at the North Vidor, Texas, church, where Jack Thompson preaches.

The Winnetka Ave., church, Canoga Park, Calif, had one baptism the last Sunday in May. Roy Cogdill and Leon Goff are the preachers.

Herbert Fraser, preacher for the Southside church, Kansas City, Mo., reports one baptism May 24th.

One was baptized recently at 6th and Meredith, Dumas, Texas, where Darrell Shaw is the preacher.

During the recent meeting in Camden, S. C., there were two baptisms and one restoration. Frank L. Smith of the Huffman church in Birmingham, Ala., did the preaching. Kent Harrell is the local evangelist.

In a recent meeting at Imhoff Ave., Port Arthur, Texas, there were three baptisms. C. D. Plum of Coraopolis, Pa., did the preaching. John Iverson is the local preacher.

In a May meeting at the Kirkwood church, St. Louis, Mo., there were three baptisms. Lewis Willis is the local preacher. C. D. Plum did the preaching in the meeting.

At Highland Blvd., there were four baptisms the last Sunday in April, according to Roger Hendricks, the local preacher.

One was baptized in a meeting at Vernon, Florida. The preaching was done by L L. Applegate of Cottondale, Florida.

In recent weeks two have been baptized at the Park Hill church, Fort Smith, Ark., where Gene Frost is the preacher.

During the meeting with Homer Hailey, there was one baptism at the West Ave., church, San Antonio, Texas, where Leon Odom is the preacher.

One was baptized May 24th at Grand Ave., Chicago, Ill. Vestal Chaffin is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting with the Shively tong, in Louisville, Kentucky, there were three baptisms. Robert Jackson did the preaching.

Preachers To New Locations

Victor Sellers, 5 Mohawk Ave., Fernglen Manor, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 21061. "Beginning June 21st I will be working with the brethren that meet at 2 Eastern Street, Fernglen Manor, Glen Burnie, Maryland. June 14 will complete a little more than three years of work with the 2nd and Chestnut church in Rogers, Ark.... Those interested in the work should contact the elders, Box 447, Rogers, Arkansas, 72756."

Forrest Morris of Willisburg, Kentucky will begin work with the church in Lebanon, Kentucky, August 1st.

O. C. Birdwell is moving from Kansas City, Mo., to Akron, Ohio, on July 1st. He will be preaching for the Baberton church. He has been with the Vivion Road church about four years.

News Briefs

John Thurman, 712 North Calhoun Street, Box 327, Perry, Florida: "I resigned my work with the Perry church of Christ on May 1, 1964. Presently I am looking for a sound congregation to begin work with sometime after July 1st. I am opposed to digressive institutions, centralized cooperation, and the preaching of a "social gospel." Any interested congregations needing the services of an evangelist may contact me at the above address. Since January 1960 I have been fully and now partially supported by the Franklin Road church in Nashville, Tenn."

Walter N. Henderson, Box 692, Clermont, Fla.: "It was my good pleasure to preach in a meeting at Seventh Ave. in Miami, May 10-20. One was baptized. Considering the prevailing conditions in the city and churches of that area, the attendance was good. The Southwest church gave us their moral support, and several from North Miami Ave. attended the meeting, some from other congregations were in evidence from time to time, some came from as far away as Belle Glade.

The elders and the Seventh Ave. church have stood firm against every false doctrine which has threatened the churches during the last 20 years. At the present time, against strong opposition, they are opposing liberalism in evangelism, benevolence and discipline. They are contending for the autonomy of the local church in these matters.

Brother Henry Gilbert, the faithful evangelist of this church, was a pleasant co-worker during the meeting. He has 209 students enrolled in his correspondence Bible course. Surely, growth shall come from this of fort, and the influence of this church for good shall be felt in the future as it has been in the past."

James W. Sasser: "For two and half years I have had the pleasure of working with the church that meets at 23 Margaret St., Joliet, Ill. My home address during this time has been 103 Margaret St., Joliet, Ill. As of June 15th this year my temporary address until July 15th will be Rt. 2, Box 233, Georgian, Alt After July 15th my permanent address will be Box 4064, Ibadan, Nigeria. As most readers of the Guardian and Truth Magazine know, my family and I are going to Nigeria for two years to preach the gospel. I want to thank everyone that has had a part in supplying the necessities for this effort. As of this writing, May 26th, I am still in need of $100.00 per month and about $1000.00 in travel and working fund. Anyone that desires to help in finishing out this need in support car. make checks payable to James W. Sasser, and sent. them to the account of James W. Sasser, Account No. 7-570-624-5, Union National Bank and Trust Company, Jolliet, Illinois. But if you desire to send to the working fund, you can make the checks payable to me and send them to either my temporary address or my permanent address, according to when you send it, note above. Thank you brethren for your assistance in helping me and my family to go to Nigeria to preach the gospel. Pray for us."

New Churches

Some of the faithful brethren in Northwest Arkansas have established a congregation in Elm Springs, Arkansas. They are few in number but have faith and zeal to be a church after the New Testament pattern. They have obtained land and have built a building to meet their present needs. I was with them last year in a gospel meeting with the stars of heaven our only roof. The West Orange church is supporting me in another meeting for them this summer. The meeting will be June 24-July 1st. This was sent in by Donald G. Collins.