Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 25, 1964

Liberals In Action

Derrel Starling

Over the past several years liberal brethren have heaped all sorts of opposition and persecution upon those brethren that have opposed their idol god of institutionalism. Brethren have lost their jobs, businesses and friends. Preachers have had meetings canceled and had support cut off and have been harassed by telephone and mailbox and have been "cussed and discussed," as well as lied to and lied about. Churches have had buildings taken from them. This spineless persecution of faithful brethren by liberals is far from being finished.

The small group of brethren that meet at Irene and Coke Sts. in San Angelo has had its share of such opposition. A preacher for one of the large liberal churches in San Angelo has several times sent beggars to one of our faithful members in an effort to embarrass him. This same preacher on one occasion "dumped" two homeless children on this brother's doorstep in an effort once more to embarrass him. We later learned that at least two families in the liberal church were willing to adopt them.

On another occasion a faithful brother stopped receiving his weekly copy of the Gospel Guardian. Upon further checking into the matter it was found that a liberal brother working in the Post Office had deliberately given false information that made it impossible for the Gospel Guardian to be delivered. When the Post Office Department was informed the matter was quickly corrected. It seems there is no limit to which some brethren will go in an effort to keep honest, sincere people from being informed. Many liberal preachers and elders are "scared stiff" for their brethren to know the truth on the present issues and are very careful to see that such publications as the Gospel Guardian never get into the hands of their members.

Some liberal brethren will no doubt continue to harass faithful brethren in many ways, but we should never retaliate with similar action. (Rom. I2:18-21) But let us work diligently to continue to spread the simple gospel of Christ and work and pray that brethren in apostasy might soon turn from the error of their way.

— 1161 E. 19th, San Angelo, Texas