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June 11, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

During the meeting at Huffman Ave., Birmingham, Alabama, there were three baptisms. The preaching was done by Louis Garret. The local preacher is Frank Smith.

Lee Sargent, preacher for the church in Morton, Texas, reports a baptism the second Sunday in May.

At the 13th and Main church, Blytheville, Ark., there was one baptism May 9th according to word from Dudley R. Spears, the local preacher.

On May 10th one was baptized at the church in Steele, Mo., where Mason Harris preaches.

Bill Coffman, preacher for the Southside church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, reports a baptism for the second Sunday in May.

One was baptized recently at the church in Gardena, California, where Don Brown, preaches.

Truman Smith, preacher for the Main and Gay church, Gladewater, Texas, reports two baptisms May 3rd.

On May 10th one was baptized at the West End church, Franklin, Tenn., where Martin Lemon preaches.

One was baptized May 17th at the Central church, Roswell, New Mexico. O. J. Bradley is the local preacher.

One was baptized May 17th at the University church in Baton Rouge, La. Herbert Thornton is the local minister.

One was baptized recently at the church in Pasadena, Texas.

Two were baptized at the Mound & Starr church, Nacogdoches, Texas, during the week of May 10th, according to word from Brooks Webb, the local preacher.

Meetings This Week

Lufkin, Texas — The Herty church, 2906 Atkinson Drive, will be engaged in a series of meetings, June 8-14. Brooks Webb of Nacogdoches, Texas, will do the preaching in this meeting. Clyde O. Moore is the local evangelist. All in the area are invited to attend.

Harrison, Ark. — The Capps Road church, will have a meeting June 8-14. J. R. Snell of Laurel, Miss., will preach. Billy Moore is the local preacher.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Expressway church, located 4437 South 6th. St., will he engaged in a gospel effort June 8-17. Cecil Willis from Akron, Ohio, will be the visiting preacher, according to word from James Needham, the local preacher.

Grand Prairie, Texas — The church in Inglewood Park, 1517 SW 3rd Street, will be engaged in a series of meet ings, June 7-12, with a different speaker each evening. Following are a list of speakers and their subjects:

Sunday Night — "The Social Gospel" - R. L. Burns, Grand Prairie, Texas.

Monday Night — "Authority" - James Adams, Oklahoma, City, Okla.

Tuesday Night — "Preaching Our Divine Mission" — Elmer Moore, Highlands, Texas.

Wednesday Night — "Individual Responsibility" - Arnold Hardin, Houston, Texas.

Thursday Night — "The Church and The College" -Hoyt Houchen, Abilene, Texas.

Friday Night — "Duties of Elders" - Bryan Vinson, Sr., Longview, Texas.

Nacogdoches, Texas — The South street church where Robert Parish preaches, will be engaged in a series of meetings June 8-14 with Bob Franks of Lufkin, Texas doing the preaching.

Globe, Arizona — Robert J. Lacosta Of Glendale, Arizona, Will Be With The Church In Globe, June 7-14. Bob Ewell Is The Local Preacher.

Glendale, Ariz, — Bob Ewell of Globe will be with the church in Glendale, Ariz., June 7-14 where Robert J. La-Costa preaches.

Gladewater, Texas — The North Main and Gay church will be engaged in a gospel effort, June 8-14. Dean Bullock of Refugio will be the visiting preacher. Truman Smith is the local preacher.

Austin, Texas — Roger Hendricks, preacher at Highland Ave. in San Antonio, Texas, will be with the church which meets 507 Wonsley Drive, in Austin, June 8-14. H. Edward McCaskill is the local preacher.

Cleburne, Texas — The Poplar Street church will be engaged in a meeting June 7-14. The local preacher, Charles L. Morton, will do the preaching. He recently moved there from Prague, Oklahoma.

Batch'', Texas — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas will be with the church in Ratcliff, Texas, June 8-14.

Blogget, Mo. — The Church in Blogget will be engaged in a series of meetings June 8-17, with Dudley R. Spears of Blytheville, Ark., doing the preaching.

Announcements Received Late Venice, California — The church which meets 1503 Venice Blvd. scheduled a meeting June 1-7, 7:30 each evening, with a different speaker each evening,

June 1 — Ted Beaver - "God's Power To Save."

June 2 — Milton Anderson - "The Kingdom."

June 3 — Gilbert Copeland - "Self or Christ — Surrender or Captivity."

June 4 — Bert Wilson - "The Spirit of Adoption."

June 5 — David Harkrider - "Judgment Begins at the House of God."

June 6 — Leon Goff - "So Great Salvation."

June 7 — Don Wilson - "God's Commandments; Obligations and Privileges."

"If I he Lifted Up."

Plano, Ill — Irving Lee of Jasper, Alabama, was to be at Plano, Ill., June 1-8, where John L. Norris is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

Richard Greeson has recently started preaching for the Temple Crest church in Tampa, Florida. His Address is 8705 Dr., Tampa, Florida. 33617