Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 21, 1964
NUMBER 3, PAGE 6,13a

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

One was recently baptized at the Glen Park church, Gary, Indiana, where Harvey J. Williams is the preacher.

Edward Brouillette, preacher for the church in Alameda, California, reports three baptisms during the first part of April.

Sunday, April 19th, one was baptized at the Berrydale church, Garden Grove. California. Floyd Thompson is the local preacher.

Jerry Ray, preacher for the church in Irving, Texas, reports a baptism on Wednesday, April 15th.

During April there were three baptized at Greens Bayou, Houston, Texas, where Ardie Brown is the preacher.

Two adults were baptized April 19th at Huntington Beach, California. LeRoy Posey is the preacher for this church and reports that the church is now self-supporting.

One was baptized the 19th of April at Pruitt and Lobit, Baytown, Texas. W. R. Jones is the local preacher.

Martin Lemon, preacher for the West End church, Franklin, Tenn., reports one baptism April 19th.

During an April meeting at the 6th and Meredith church, Dumas, Texas, there were two baptisms. A. A. McInroe of Midland, Texas, did the preaching. Derrell Shaw is the local evangelist.

Three were baptized April 19th at the South End church, Louisville, Kentucky, according to Donald Townsley, the local preacher.

Roy Foutz, preacher for the South Houston, Texas, church reports three baptisms during their recent meeting with Jerry Ray of Irving, Texas, doing the preaching.

On April 19th one was baptized at the Washington Ave. church, Russellville, Alabama. Eugene Crawley is the preacher.

R. L. Burns, preacher for the church in Inglewood Park, Grand Prairie, Texas, reports one baptism during April.

During an April meeting at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., there were eight baptisms. The meeting was conducted by James P. Miller. Herschel Patton is the regular preacher.

During the recent meeting at Park Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky, in which Richard Weaver did the preaching, there were 14 baptisms, according to word from Grover Stevens, the local preacher.

Leon Odom, preacher for the West Ave. church, San Antonio, Texas, reports a baptism the first part of April.

Four have been baptized in recent weeks at the church in Edna, Texas, where Albert Jennings is the preacher.

A. W. Atkinson, preacher for the Mt. View church, San Bernardino, California, reports two baptisms for the second Sunday in April.

Two were baptized recently at Ex-Pressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, where James Needham preaches.

One was baptized during a meeting at the Eastside church, Baytown, Texas, where H. L. Bruce is the preacher. Bill Cavender did the preaching in the meeting.

Preacher Wanted

The church in Orange, N. J., desires to locate a preacher to begin working with them in August. No place in the United States presents a greater challenge to a man of faith. Write: church of Christ, P.O. Box 211, East Orange, New Jersey.

Preachers To New Locations

Paul Brock has recently moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Rossville, Georgia, where he will preach for the Lakeview church of Christ.

News Items

The Aikahi Park church meets in Aikahi Elementary School, Kailua Oahu, Hawaii. Their schedule of services are: Sunday: Morning worship - 8:30 A.M.; Bible Study -9:30 A.M.; Evening worship - 7:30 P.M.; and on Wednesday night at 7:30 P.M. The preacher is Ben M. Shropshire.

Meetings This Week

Birmingham, Alabama — Sewell Hall will be with the Hueytown church, May 17-24.

Kirkwood, Missouri — C. D. Plum will be with the church in Kirkwood, May 17-24.

Beaver Dam, Kentucky — During the week of May 18-24, J. R. Snell of Laurel, Mississippi, will be with the church in Beaver Dam.

San Antonio, Texas — Leon Odom, preacher for the church which meets 106 Sherwood Drive, announces a meeting for May 17-24, with Homer Hailey of Tampa, Florida, doing the preaching.

Hessville, Indiana — During the week of May 17-24 Hubert L. Moss of Columbus, Mississippi, will be with the Hessville church.

Camden, South Carolina — Frank L. Smith of Huffman church, Birmingham, Alabama, will be with the church meeting 1009 McRae Road, according to an announcement from Kent Harrel, the local preacher.

Late Announcements

Decatur, Texas — The church which meets on Hi-way 81 South is to have a gospel meeting May 10-15 with Bill Crews of Ft. Worth, Texas, doing the preaching.

Wayne, Michigan — Robert H. Bunting of Hueytown, Alabama, was with the Palmer Road church in Wayne, May 3-10. G. E. Dickinson is the local preacher.