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December 17, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures One was baptized the last of November at the Preston Hi-Way church, Louisville, Kentucky, where Norman Fulz is the preacher.

Two were baptized the last week in November at the Herty church, Lufkin, Texas. This brings to five the number of baptisms during the month. The editor of this page is the preacher for this church.

During a short meeting at Lakeland, Florida, three were baptized. Marshall Patton of Orlando, Florida, did the preaching in the meeting. Glen Sheumaker is the local preacher.

The last Sunday in November two were baptized at the church in Blytheville, Arkansas, where Dudley Ross Spears preaches.

One was recently baptized in Dallas as a result of a Bible Correspondence Course, offered by the Green's Bayou church, Houston, Texas, where Ardie Brown preaches.

On November 1st one was baptized at Pear Ridge in Port Arthur, Texas, where James Trigg is the local evangelist.

James Ward, preacher for the Holden Heights church Orlando, Florida, reports two baptisms recently.

During a meeting at Merritt Island, Florida, one was baptized...Connie Adams, of Orlando, Florida, did the preaching. Jack Hobby is the local preacher.

During a November meeting at Warrenton, Missouri, five were baptized. Jimmy Tuten of St. Louis did the preaching Ralph Dean is the local evangelist.


A public discussion will be conducted at Jonesboro, Tenn. The Depot Street church, Dec. 7 and 8. The subjects to be discussed will be: "Church Contributions to Orphan Homes — Are they Scriptural?" and "The Herald of Truth Arrangement". The speakers will be Robert O. Wilson of Maryville, Tennessee, and Colin Williamson of Jonesboro, Tennessee. A question period will follow.

Preachers to New Locations Donald Collins has recently moved from West Orange, Texas, to work with the Page Street church in Dallas,

Lloyd Butts has recently moved to West Orange, Texas to preach for these brethren.

J. T. Smith has recently moved to Port Acres, Texas.

After more than ten years with the church in Grenada, Mississippi, Lowell Blassingame is moving to Blytheville, Arkansas.

News Briefs Harley E. Amick recently conducted a meeting at Kimbell, Nebraska. One was baptized. This is a new church, having started in July of 1964. They have a nice building, renting from a local real estate dealer. The building is located on Hi-Way 30 in the center of town. On January 24th, 1965, Brother Amick is moving to begin work with these brethren. All visitors are welcome.