Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 14, 1963

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Birmingham, Alabama — Grover Stevens, preacher for the Park Blvd. church, Louisville, Kentucky, will be with the Fairview church, May 10-17.

Orlando, Florida — Connie Adams, preacher for the Pine Hills church announces a meeting for May 10-17 with Jack Hobby of Merrit Island, Fla., doing the preaching. The Pine Hills building is located at Hastings and Arundel.

Tampa, Florida — A. C. Grider of Meridian, Miss., will be with the Belmont Heights church, May 11-20.

Louisville, Kentucky — The Preston Road church will have a meeting May 10-17 with J. F. Dancer, Jr. doing the preaching.

Indianapolis, Ind. — The West Washington church will be engaged in a Gospel effort May 10-17 with Gano Garner doing the preaching.

Glen Park, Ind. — Charles Holt, Jr. of Wichita Falls, Texas, will preach in a meeting in Glen Park, May 11-17.

Leesville, La. — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the White Park church, May 11-17, Roswell, New Mexico — O. J. Bradley, preacher for the Central church, announces a meeting for May 11-17 with Jess Jenkins of Tucumcari, New Mexico; Frank Thompson, Hobbs, New Mexico; and Darrel W. Shaw of Dumas, Texas. Each will preach every third night.

Las Cruces, New Mexico — The church which meets 800 North Miranda St., will he engaged in a gospel effort May 13-20, with Dean Bullock of Refugio, Texas. Elvis Bozarth is the local preacher.

Trussville, Ala., — Ules G. Reid, Jr., preacher for the Westview church, Hartselle, Ala., will be in Trussville May 10-15.

Pittsfield, Maine — Bill Echols of Orange, New Jersey will be in Pittsfield May 11-17.

Preachers To New Locations

Cecil Belaker, 6807 New Hampshire, Hammond, Ind. "I began work as regular evangelist Feb. 1 for the Hessville church of Christ, Hammond, Ind. This is a sound church, where the truth is loved and respected. Since Feb. 1st, four have been baptized, one restored to first love. A meeting begins May 4th and continues through the 13th. Hubert Moss of Columbus, Miss., will preach in the meeting. The meeting house is located 6532 Arizona Ave."

J. M, Gillpatrick, 4700 Andrews, Amarillo, Texas: "After almost fourteen years of work wi h the Central church in Pampa I have resigned to move to Amarillo, Texas, to begin work with the Olsen Park church about June the first. With sadness we leave faithful brethren we have known and worked with so long, but with great anticipation and high hopes we begin work with the good brethren at Olsen Park."

Ross Saunders, Lake Wales, Florida: "The Lord willing on June 21, I shall begin work with the Lake Wales, Florida, church, This date will mark three and one-half years of very pleasant work in Lebanon, Kentucky. This has been a very profitable work in many ways. We are grateful for every opportunity to teach God's word to the people of this area. The brethren here are wonderful, and have a love for the truth. This church is looking for a preacher to begin work when we leave. I can recommend this work to any sound man in the faith, who will preach the truth simply, plainly, and boldly. These people are a sound congregation in every way, and any other kind of preaching would not meet with their expectations. They stand opposed to institutions of human origin doing the work of the church and this has been part of the preaching done in this area in proportion with other truths. Interested parties may address their inquiries to: Church of Christ, Box 18, Lebanon, Kentucky.

My family and I are looking forward to the work of the Lord in Lake Wales. We follow the Hugh Davis family there, which is in itself a good indication that the work will be pleasant and profitable one. We beseech your prayers as we enter this new area for us, to preach God's unsearchable riches to lost souls."

Information Wanted

If there are any Christians in or around Ashland City, Tenn., who take a stand against Liberalism in the church, please contact Luther Jones, 102 Adhiscon, Ashland, Tenn.

News Briefs

J. A. Gaston, Wylie Heights, Rt. 5, Abilene, Texas reports that the church there is making some progress. He also announces that the Lord willing, he will be in Virginia during the month of June and would like to get two or three meetings. He may be contacted at the above adress.

R. D. Simmons, Box 1973, Victoria, Texas: "Three months ago I moved to Victoria, Texas, to work with the North St. church in this city. We have baptized six, restored two and had three others to he identified with us. I am supported by the churches in Edna, and Refugio, Texas, in this work. The church here plans a Sunday morning radio broadcast, beginning May 3rd, 8 a.m., KNAL1430 Kilocycles. A gospel meeting will begin May 4th and continue through May 8th. Services each evening at 7:30. I will do the preaching. The membership here is 42."

Karl Diestelkamp, 3361 S. 98th St., Milwaukee, Wis. reports that the West Allis church has moved to different meeting quarters. The church has been able to rent a used church building and can now schedule worship services at a more reasonable hour of the day on Sunday. Worship services will be conducted at 1029 S. 58th Street. Bible Study at 10:00 a.m.; Assembled worship at 11:00 a.m.; Sunday evening services at 6:30 p.m. and Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. You are encouraged to send the name and addresses of any relatives, friends, or contacts you have in Metropolitan Milwaukee to Karl Diestelkamp.

New Creatures

Lloyd Moyer of Newark, Calif., recently conducted meetings in Bakersfield and Ventura, California. In these meetings there were 15 baptisms.

Martin Lemon reports three baptisms at West End, Franklin, Tenn., Wednesday, April 15.

Two were baptized Sunday April 12th at Huffman Ave., Birmingham, Ala., where Frank L. Smith preaches.

Three have been baptized recently at University Heights, Lexington, Kentucky. Two of these were baptized during a meeting with Robert Farish of Lufkin, Texas. Robert Crawley is the local preacher.

Bill Coffman, preacher for the Southside church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, reports a baptism the second Sunday in April.

One was baptized during a recent meeting at South End, Louisville, Kentucky. Franklin Puckett, did the preaching. Donald Townsley is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting with the Washington Ave. church, Russellville, Ala., there were five baptisms. Robert Jackson did the preaching. Eugene Crawley is the local preacher.

One was baptized the first Sunday in April at Riverside Drive, Nashville, Tenn., where Robert Jackson, preaches.

One has recently been baptized in Blytheville, Ark.

Seven have recently been baptized at Park Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky, during a meeting with Richard Weaver. Grover Stevens is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting at Greggton, Texas, there were 8 baptisms. W. R. Jones did the preaching in the meeting. Bill Cavender is the local preacher.

At the Westside church, Ft. Worth, Texas, there have been two baptisms the first part of April. Bill Crews preaches for this church.

C. D. Plum reports one baptism during a recent meeting at Langeloth, Pa.

One was baptized April 13 at Hyde Park church, Jacksonville, Florida. Douglas M. Black is the local preacher.

During a recent meeting with the church in Yuma, Ariz., there was one baptism. Hoyt Houchen did the preaching. O. D. Dial is the regular preacher.

Kent Harrell, preacher for the church in Camden, S. C., reports one baptism on April 8th.