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November 26, 1964

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Robert H. West, preacher for the Northside church, Las Vegas, Nev., reports two baptisms recently.

One was baptized Sept. 28th at Norwalk, California, where W. W. Cassio preaches.

On Nov. 1st two were baptized into Christ at Park Blvd., Louisville, Kentucky, where Grover Stevens is the local preacher.

Bobby Witherington, preacher for the church in Owensboro, Kentucky, reports a baptism Nov. 1st.

One was baptized recently at the church in Blytheville, Arkansas, where Dudley Ross Spears is the preacher.

Eugene Crawley reports a baptism at the Washington Ave, church, Russellville, Alabama.

During a Nov. meeting at the Mound and Starr church, Nacogdoches, Texas, there were two baptisms. Yater Tant did the preaching. Brooks Webb is the local preacher.

Two were baptized Nov. 8th at the Herty church, Lufkin, Texas. The editor of this page is the local preacher.

Doyle Banta of Athens, Alabama, recently conducted a meeting at the 12th St. church, Bowling Green, Kentucky, B. G. Hope has been preaching there for 15 years. Two were baptized in this effort.

News Briefs

The following was received from Charles F. House who is currently working with the Mexican people along the border.

"WARNING TO FORMER SUPPORTERS OF JOSE OLIVAS: It has been brought to my attention by Fidel Cisneros, preacher for the church in Sonoyta, as well as recently at Caborca, Sonora, Mexico, that the widow of Jose Olivas, recently deceased, has withdrawn herself from the local church there.

It is also my understanding that she expected to continue to receive the full support that her husband had received before his death, and failing to do so, has held it against the local church there at Caborca, who had been supporting her. She has taken the hymn books, Bibles, and other church property and has moved into a "smaller place" as she puts it, in her correspondence with her supporters. No doubt, she intends to "start Her church" so she can be fully supported. Until I can investigate further, it is my recommendation that no more assistance be sent her. Fidel Cisneros, local Gospel preacher is fully capable of dealing with the problem on the local level, but he needs your cooperation. Thanks. If you wish to write him in Spanish, please do so. Write: Fidel Cisneros, Box 241, Lukeville, Arizona, U.S.A."

New Books

Volume Number 2 of Sermons by W. Curtis Porter, published by Brooks C. Webb, is now ready for mailing. This is an attractive book, containing 120 pages, of sermon outlines as left by Brother Porter. Volume 2 will sell for $2. If you do not have volume 1, which also sells for $2, you may order both for the price of $3.75 if ordered together. Send your orders to: Brooks C. Webb, Box 200, Nacogdoches, Texas.