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November 5, 1964

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

According to W. E. (Bud) Irvine. preacher for the Crescent Park church, Odessa, Texas, there have been ten baptisms there in the last two months.

During a September meeting with the Woodland Heights church, Brownwood, Texas, there were three baptisms. James Trigg and Walter Talley worked with Jack Kirby. the local preacher in this effort.

Herbert Fraser, preacher for the Southside church, Kansas City, Mo., reports a baptism the last Sunday in September.

One has been baptized recently at Westwood in Sherman, Texas where Tom Roberts is the preacher.

On August 31 one was baptized at Pleasant Valley, Wichita. Kansas, where Don Willis preaches.

During a recent meeting in Tampa, Fla., there were two baptisms. Ward Hogland did the preaching. Tommy Thornhill and Harry Pickup, Sr., are the local preachers.

During a September meeting with the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. church one was baptized. Charles Maples did the preaching.

Four have been baptized recently at Cardwell, Mo., where M. F. Manchester preaches.

One was baptized at Red Bluff in Pasadena, Texas, where Ralph Williams preaches.

During a Sept. meeting at St. Helena, Calif.. with Ronnie Hinds doing the preaching, there were two baptisms. Jim Puterbaugh Is the local preacher.

During a September meeting with the Franklin and Juniper church in Borger, Texas. there were two baptisms. Oliver Murray did the preaching. Paul Price is the local preacher.


William Wallace will be with the Parkway church, Corpus Christi, Texas Nov. 1- 8. Services each evening. Monday - Saturday at 7:30 and at 10:30 each morning, Monday - Friday. Services will be at the regular time on Sunday. Pat Farish is the local preacher.

Paul Price of Borger, Texas, will be with the church In Tucumcari, N. M., where Jesse Jenkins is the preacher.

Roy Cogdill will be with the Crescent Park church, Odessa, Texas. Oct. 28 -Nov. 4, where W. E. (Bud) Irvine is the preacher.

Kent Harrel, preacher, for the Camden, S. C., church, announces a meeting for Oct. 25 - Nov. 1, with Lloyd Barker doing the preaching.

Luther Blackmon will be with the church in McMinnville. Oregon, Oct. 26 -Nov. 1. The church meets at 210 Lincoln Street. Choice L. Bryant is the local preacher.

Wright Randolph will preach in a meeting at Canoga Park, Calif., Nov. 9 - 15. Leon Goff and Roy Cogdill are the local preachers.

Harley Amick will be with the church in Kimball, Nebraska, Nov. 8 -15.

Bill Cavender, preacher for the church in Gregg-ton. Texas, announces a meet ing for Nov. 9 - 15, with Robert L. McDonald doing the preaching.

Connie Adams will preach in a meeting at Merrit Island, Florida, Nov. 8 -15.

David Harkrider will be with the church in Coalinga, Calif., Nov. 11 - 18, where Donald Givens preaches.

Miscellaneous Matters

The church in Sweet Home, Oregon, is interested in getting a full time preacher, who is partly supported by some congregation. We can pay $50 per week on his salary, and we prefer the rest of his salary come from some congregation so that he can give all of his time to work here. If interested, write: Oren Breeden, 170 12th St., Lebanon, Oregon.

The church in Pell City, Ala., wishes to invite those locating in this area because of the New marlin-Logan Dam on the Coosa River to come and worship with them. The building is located on the corner S. W. of the courthouse. Pell City is a growing city, situated about 33 miles east of Birmingham, just south of Interstate 20, where it intersects highway 231 and old highway 78. The church is small in number, but rich in truth. Houston Alexander is the local preacher, and very capable of handling aright the Word of God, though he works five days a week on another job. All visitors are welcome.

Erees R. Warren has just moved to Belen, N. M., where he is working as evangelist with the congregation located at 111 E. Ross Ave. He moved from Las Cruces, N. M., having worked with the congregation located at Solano Dr. His address is 322 Desoto, Belen, N. M.

Cecil B. Douthitt has advised us that he will not leave Louisville, Ky. until some time next spring. Until that time his address remains 712 Victoria Dr., Louisville, Ky.