Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 5, 1964

Progress Along The Border

Charles F. House

San Luis, Arizona, U. S. A.:

We had the pleasure of meeting David Tant and his wife of Decatur, Georgia, when they stopped by on their way to California this month. David was to be engaged in a gospel meeting at Oceanside, where Brother Ralph Givens labors, We have had other visitors at other times from Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Alabama. You folks from close by are welcome too.

September first I had the pleasure of preaching for the Montebello, California congregation, where Bro. Gilbert Copeland regularly preaches. After I had reported on the Mexican work which these fine brethren have been helping to support over 3 years, they graciously gave me a $10.00 per week raise. The $30.00 per week I'll be losing by year's end has not been found yet (which I reported last month). With the $10.00 increase from Montebello, I'll only need to find $20.00 more per week, personal support. Please pray for my wife and me that God's will might be done.

When we returned from National City, California September 10 after 9 weeks labor there this summer we learned that Camillo Villegas, preacher for the San Luis, Mexico church had moved his family to Hermosillo, Mexico where he had promise of secular work. Since leaving the field here he will no longer have the responsibility of a located work, and will not be supported, He was not receiving sufficient support to sustain himself, his wife, and five children, plus the fact that no secular work was available locally, thus forcing this decision on his part.

The liberal church at Yuma has now employed a full time Mexican preacher to begin the work for them at San Luis, Mexico. At present, I will do all of the preaching for the faithful church at San Luis, Mexico, until such time as a Mexican preacher and support for him can be found. Marvel, my wife, is my fine helper here. She teaches the children's class, which now numbers 18, meeting in a small bedroom.

National City, California U. S. A.:

Brother Walter Bunnell, formerly of Richmond, Virginia began working with the National City. Calif. church September 6th. He is seeking support. Write him direct at P.O. Box 423, National City, California 92050. He is working with his hands and his wife is doing ironing to support themselves to supplement the support that the small group in National City is giving him.

Cabora Sonora, Mexico:

Bro. Jose Olives, preacher at Caborca, Mexico, 160 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona died September 14th after a little over two years in the new work there, which he started. He leaves his widow and one little girl, who will now be living with the Fidel Cisneros family.

Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico:

Fidel Cisneros, preacher at Sonoyta, Mexico is now shuttling back and forth between Sonoyta and Caborca, trying to take care of the Lord's work in both places until such time as another preacher and support for him can be found. This means that Fidel Cisneros is going to need about $45.00 per month more support. Write him: Fidel Cisneros, P.O. Box 241, Lukeville, Arizona, U.S.A. if you can help. He neither speaks nor writes English, but I translate his monthly reports for him which he sends to his supporters regularly.

Brethren, we earnestly solicit the prayers of all of our brethren everywhere that the work of the Lord here along the U.S — Mexico border will not be hindered further by the adversary.

P.O. Box 641 San Luis, Arizona, U.S.A. 85349